Halogen Ventures

New York, New York
Halogen Ventures is an early stage venture capital fund investing in consumer technology companies led by women.
Firm Location:New York, New York • Los Angeles, California • Miami, Florida • Santa Monica, California
Halogen Ventures Team
Photo of Ashley R. Balla, Partner at Halogen Ventures
Ashley R. Balla
Sweet spot: $1.5M
Range: $250K - $3.0M
Investors in Los Angeles (CA)
Photo of Jesse Draper, General Partner at Halogen Ventures
Jesse Draper
Halogen Ventures·General Partner
Sweet spot: $1.5M
Range: $250K - $3.0M
Photo of Adriana Gadala-Maria, Senior Associate at Halogen Ventures
Adriana Gadala-Maria
Halogen Ventures·Senior Associate
Sweet spot: $1.5M
Range: $250K - $3.0M
Investors in Miami (FL), Investors in San Francisco (CA)
Photo of Jennifer Kwan Mandelbaum, Investor at Halogen Ventures
Jennifer Kwan Mandelbaum
Sweet spot: $1.5M
Range: $250K - $3.0M
Investors in New York (NY)