Sector & Stage Rankings Methodology

The methodology used to compile these lists will be ever-changing. This is the 1.0 version...

Getting listed

You must be an active investor. There are two ways active investors show up on The Sector & Stage Rankings.

1) You add yourself to as many as ten lists by filling out your "Investment categories" on your Signal profile

2) You are added to a list by a trusted member of the Signal community. Typically, this would be a CEO, LP or other GP who recognizes you as an expert in an area.

How investors are ordered

The order that investors appear on each list is 100% algorithmic, based on four inputs.

1) Self-reported data. Completing your Signal profileand choosing your top categories has you show up higher on the lists of your choice. You can alter your category choices at any time.

2) Founder activity from Signal. Founders add you to their target Investor list if they are interested in getting an introduction to you through their trusted Signal network.

3) Connectedness via email graph. Signal uses the Gmail graph to determine the strength of your relationships with trusted founders, other investors, and LPs in the startup ecosystem.

4) Upvotes. The more votes you receive from the Signal community as an investor they would recommend to a founder, the higher you show up in your listed categories.

Please give ideas and input for what you would like to see for the 2.0 version.