Adam Krongold(55)

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$10k - $150k
Passionate, driven, dreamers who are reworking old spaces and finding new ways to do things. Hardware that would have been deemed MAGIC a decade ago. People who have a view on the future and are happy to talk about it.
All idea - no execution. A lick of paint given consideration as new and exciting, People with no listening skills. An idea, concept that can't be explained to me in 2 sentences.
CompanyDeal TypeAmountDate
BlocknativeSeedJan 2018
Wisdom TribeSAFE RoundFeb 2017
NetikSeed (Lead)Dec 2016
SpeedlancerSAFE RoundMay 2015
DreameSeedAug 2014
StoreDotSeries A$6MJun 2013
WoojerSeedSep 2011
drchronoSeed Round$675KJul 2011
Monash University Bachelor of Business Agribusiness
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