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Adrian Fortino


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Mercury Fund
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Series ASep 2017$11.5M
Benson Hill
Series BMay 2017$25M
Co-investors: Craig Herron (iSelect Fund), Andrew Wheeler (GV)
Sight Machine
Series BNov 2016$6M
Series BMar 2016$13.5M
Series AFeb 2015$5M
Co-investors: Deepak Jagannathan (DNX Ventures), Saurabh Sharma (Jump Capital), Roger Ehrenberg
Clean Chemistry
Debt FinancingSep 2016$300K
Series AOct 2014$2.2M
Ambiq Micro
Series CJul 2016$9.5M
Co-investors: John Ives, Ned Hill
Benson Hill Biosystems
Series AAug 2015$7.3M
Series AJun 2014$3.5M
Co-investors: Sach Chitnis (Jump Capital), Joshua B. Siegel (Rubicon VC), Andrew Romans