Alan Jones(237)

M8 Ventures General Partner

Photo of Alan Jones, General Partner at M8 Ventures
$10k - $100k
Raising a first fund right now, pre-seed and seed focus, looking at world-class product and technical teams out of Australia and New Zealand when the fund comes online. See
Anything relying on an addictive pathway to build growth, engagement or sales.
CompanyDeal TypeAmountDate
Propeller AeroboticsAngelSep 2018
WorkyardSeed Round$1MJul 2016
TYDESeed RoundMay 2016
Propeller AeroSeed RoundA$1.1MOct 2015
CanvaVenture Round$6MApr 2015
BugcrowdSeed Round$1.6MSep 2013
UpGuardAngel Round$1.2MJun 2012
Product Director, South Asia Yahoo! Inc1997 - 2002

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