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Arvind Gupta

Partner at Mayfield Fund Francisco, California
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Mayfield Partner
$500K - $15.0M
ClimateTech/CleanTech (Pre-seed)EnergyTech (Pre-seed)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Series B)EnergyTech (Series B)Impact (Pre-seed)BioTech (Pre-seed)BioTech (Pre-seed)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Pre-seed)Impact (Series B)EnergyTech (Series B)Impact (Pre-seed)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Series A)Web3/Blockchain (Series B)Impact (Series A)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Series B)EnergyTech (Pre-seed)EnergyTech (Seed)EnergyTech (Series A)BioTech (Series B)BioTech (Series B)Impact (Series A)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Seed)Impact (Series B)BioTech (Series A)EnergyTech (Series A)BioTech (Series A)Impact (Seed)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Series A)Web3/Crypto (Series B)EnergyTech (Seed)Impact (Seed)Web3/Crypto (Pre-seed)BioTech (Seed)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Seed)BioTech (Seed)Web3/Blockchain (Series B)Web3/Blockchain (Pre-seed)Web3/Crypto (Series B)Web3/Crypto (Pre-seed)Web3/Blockchain (Pre-seed)Web3/Crypto (Series A)Web3/Blockchain (Series A)Consumer Internet (Pre-seed)Web3/Blockchain (Seed)Web3/Crypto (Seed)Enterprise (Pre-seed)Web3/Blockchain (Series A)Consumer Internet (Pre-seed)Web3/Crypto (Series A)Web3/Crypto (Seed)Web3/Blockchain (Seed)Consumer Internet (Series B)Enterprise (Pre-seed)Consumer Internet (Series B)Enterprise (Series B)Enterprise (Series B)Consumer Internet (Series A)Consumer Internet (Seed)Enterprise (Series A)Enterprise (Seed)Consumer Internet (Series A)Consumer Internet (Seed)Enterprise (Series A)Enterprise (Seed)Angel, Scout, and Solo-CapitalistsSan Francisco Bay Area
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Convertible NoteMay 2023
Series BJul 2020$91M
Series AOct 2018$18M
Co-investors: Po Bronson (SOSV), Lisa Feria (Stray Dog Capital), Tom Baruch (M34 Capital), Brian Frank (FTW Ventures), Carter Williams (iSelect Fund), Son Vo (Wilbur-Ellis [Cavallo]), Costa Yiannoulis (Synthesis Capital)
Ten63 Therapeutics
Series AMay 2023$16M
Seed RoundJan 2021
Seed RoundOct 2019
Co-investors: Po Bronson (SOSV)
Stämm Biotech
Series BApr 2023
Series AFeb 2022$17M
Convertible NoteMay 2021
Seed RoundJun 2019
Pre Seed RoundJul 2018
Co-investors: Po Bronson (SOSV), Tim Draper (Draper Associates)
Windfall Bio
Seed RoundMar 2023$9M
Co-investors: Duncan Turner (SOSV), Carmichael Roberts (Breakthrough Energy Ventures)
DNALite Therapeutics
Convertible NoteMar 2023
Series AApr 2022$5.6M
Convertible NoteApr 2021
Seed RoundJun 2019
Co-investors: Po Bronson (SOSV)
Series AMar 2023
Convertible NoteJan 2023
Convertible NoteSep 2020
Convertible NoteMay 2020
Seed RoundApr 2020$330K
Debt FinancingMar 2020
Co-investors: Sean O'Sullivan (SOSV)
Seed RoundFeb 2023$3M
Convertible NoteJun 2021
Convertible NoteNov 2020
Seed RoundOct 2019$2.4M
Seed RoundFeb 2019
Co-investors: Duncan Turner (SOSV), Po Bronson (SOSV), Caroline Casson (Vitalize Venture Group), Gale Wilkinson (Vitalize Venture Group), Ashley Hartman (Bluestein Ventures)
Series AJan 2023£7.9M
Seed RoundJul 2021£1.5M
Convertible NoteApr 2021
Pre Seed RoundMay 2020$250K
Co-investors: Stephen Chambers (SOSV), Sake Bosch (Prime Ventures)
Partner Mayfield Fund2020 - Present
Founder IndieBio2013 - Present