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Ben Dubin(13)


Your zip code should not determine your life expectancy

healthgap.venturesSaratoga, California
Photo of Ben Dubin, Managing Partner at Health Gap Ventures

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Health Gap Ventures Managing Partner
$100K - $7.5M
We believe your Zip Code should not determine your life expectancy. HGV invests in digital health and diagnostics to improve affordability, accessibility, inclusion and prevention for underserved populations. We back entrepreneurs who understand the intersection of ethnicity, socio-economic status, gender and ability.
In the past 12 months, $61 Billion was invested by more than 200 healthcare venture firms. None focused on the health inequities. This is because investor bias against underserved markets causes the venture healthcare sector to systematically underweight innovations that address health disparities. We see an immense value in this segment that others don’t.
General Parner Asset Management Ventures1998 - 2015
Harvard Business School MBA
University of Michigan BS Electrical Engineering
University of Michigan BS Computer Engineering