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Benjamin Fenigsohn(8)


http://www.redrover.venturesRaleigh, North Carolina
Photo of Benjamin Fenigsohn, Managing Director at Red Rover Ventures, LLC
Red Rover Ventures, LLC Managing Director
$30K - $6.5M
I'm really interested in the intersection between nonprofits and startups: the companies that have been rejected from other angels or VCs for not being "investment ready" meaning no product, no prototype, or merely having intentions. I made the same mistake myself a few years ago, starting a company that was better off as a nonprofit. My job therefore is to convince clients that tax exemption has a host of advantages that often (not always) make it a better option than the angel/VC route.
Companies that are already profitable.
James Madison University International Affairs
California State University-Los Angeles Entrepreneurship
Dev Bootcamp Ruby on Rails