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Brent Ahrens


General Partner at Canaan Partners Park, California
Photo of Brent Ahrens, General Partner at Canaan Partners

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Canaan Partners General Partner
$250K - $20.0M
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Grey Wolf Therapeutics
Series AFeb 2019£10M
Unchained Labs
Series CJun 2017$13M
Series AFeb 2015$25M
Iterum Therapeutics
Series BMay 2017$65M
Series AMar 2016$40M
Co-investors: Mark Chin (Arix Bioscience)
Venture RoundDec 2016$10M
Relievant Medsystems
Series DOct 2016$36M
Series DMar 2012$30M
Series CJul 2009$20M
Co-investors: Justin Klein (Vensana Capital), Jason Lettmann (Morgenthaler Ventures)
EndoGastric Solutions
Venture RoundDec 2015$50M
Series GMay 2014$30M
Venture RoundJun 2012$13M
Venture RoundApr 2012$2.1M
Series GMar 2012$11M
Series FAug 2010$30M
Co-investors: Mike Carusi (Lightstone Ventures)
Minimally invasive devices
Series CNov 2015$14M
Debt FinancingJun 2014$6M
Series BJun 2013$2.5M
Series BMar 2013$9M
Co-investors: Wende Hutton (Canaan Partners)
Spinifex Pharmaceuticals
Series CApr 2014$45M
Co-investors: Heath Lukatch (Red Tree Venture Capital)