Investing Profile

Charles Zedlewski


Chief Product Officer at Temporal Technologies

San Francisco, California
Photo of Charles Zedlewski, Angel

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$5K - $50K
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Saleor Commerce
Seed RoundMar 2021$2.5M
Co-investors: Filip Dames (Cherry Ventures), Kevin Mahaffey (SNR), Thomas Witt (Expedite Ventures), Chris Schagen, Guillermo Rauch
Seed RoundMar 2021$5.2M
Co-investors: Chetan Puttagunta (Benchmark), Amit Kumar (Accel), Guillaume Cabane (Sequoia Capital), Caryn Marooney (Coatue), Ihar Mahaniok (Geek Ventures), Astasia Myers (Quiet Capital), Shay Banon
Seed RoundMay 2020$2.7M
Co-investors: Wayne Chang
Hugging Face
Series ADec 2019$15M
Co-investors: Patrick Grady (Sequoia Capital), Kevin Durant (Thirty Five Ventures), Matthew Hartman (Betaworks Ventures), Ronny Conway (A Capital), Richard Socher (AIX Ventures), Lee Fixel (Addition), Rich Kleiman (Thirty Five Ventures), Augusto Marietti, Florian Douetteau, Ronny Conway, Greg Brockman
Corvus Robotics
Seed RoundAug 2018