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Corentin Macias(42)

VCFounderOperatorProduct Operator

Co-Founder of HEYWEAR

New York, New York
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2 Investors

Connected to Satya Patel (Homebrew), Alexis Houssou (Hardware Club).

$150K - $1.5M
Hardware Club a fund dedicated to HardTech and Full-Stack solution using Hardware. We typically invest from $150k to $1.5m in hardware startups backed by ambitious founders capable of executing a vision generating over $100m in revenues in +$10B markets in less than 5 years.
SME, ScaleUps, platform, pure software startup
Co-Founder --2017 - 2018
Hardware Optimization Prynt2017 - 2017
Product manager Airbus Group2016 - 2017
Co-Founder & CEO --2015 - 2017
UC Berkeley Haas School of Business
Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, France