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Cory Klippsten(562)

AngelFounderCEOInvestor CEO, Partner in Bitcoiner Ventures, Advisor to RIOT (Nasdaq)
swanbitcoin.comLos Angeles, California
Photo of Cory Klippsten, Managing Partner at Bitcoiner Ventures

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Connected to James Currier (NFX), Satya Patel (Homebrew), Pete Flint (NFX), and 76 other investors on Signal.

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Bitcoiner Ventures Managing Partner
$10K - $250K
Web3/Blockchain (Series B)AR/VR (Series B)Advertising (Series B)AR/VR (Series A)Advertising (Series B)Media/Content (Series B)TransportationTech (Series B)TransportationTech (Series B)Advertising (Series B)TransportationTech (Series B)Web3/Blockchain (Series B)AR/VR (Series B)Advertising (Series A)Media/Content (Series A)Web3/Blockchain (Series A)TransportationTech (Seed)AR/VR (Series B)Advertising (Seed)AR/VR (Seed)AR/VR (Series A)AR/VR (Series A)TransportationTech (Series A)Advertising (Series A)Media/Content (Series B)Web3/Blockchain (Series B)Media/Content (Seed)TransportationTech (Series A)Web3/Blockchain (Seed)Advertising (Seed)Media/Content (Series B)TransportationTech (Series A)Web3/Blockchain (Series A)SaaS (Series B)AI (Series B)Advertising (Series A)AR/VR (Seed)AR/VR (Series B)AR/VR (Seed)TransportationTech (Seed)TransportationTech (Seed)Media/Content (Series A)Advertising (Seed)Enterprise (Series B)AI (Series B)Advertising (Series B)SaaS (Series B)Advertising (Series B)Web3/Blockchain (Seed)Enterprise (Series B)Advertising (Series A)Web3/Blockchain (Series A)AI (Series A)Media/Content (Seed)AR/VR (Series B)AI (Series A)Web3/Blockchain (Series B)TransportationTech (Series B)Enterprise (Series A)AR/VR (Series A)SaaS (Series A)Web3/Blockchain (Seed)AI (Seed)Media/Content (Series A)Enterprise (Series A)AI (Series B)TransportationTech (Series B)Advertising (Seed)Advertising (Series A)SaaS (Series A)SaaS (Seed)Enterprise (Seed)Web3/Blockchain (Series B)SaaS (Series B)AI (Seed)Enterprise (Seed)Media/Content (Seed)Media/Content (Series B)AR/VR (Seed)AR/VR (Series A)SaaS (Seed)TransportationTech (Series A)Enterprise (Series B)Advertising (Seed)Media/Content (Series B)AR/VR (Seed)TransportationTech (Series A)TransportationTech (Seed)AI (Series A)Media/Content (Series A)TransportationTech (Seed)SaaS (Series A)AI (Seed)Web3/Blockchain (Series A)Media/Content (Seed)SaaS (Seed)Enterprise (Series A)Web3/Blockchain (Seed)Media/Content (Series A)Web3/Blockchain (Series A)Enterprise (Seed)Media/Content (Seed)AI (Series B)Web3/Blockchain (Seed)SaaS (Series B)Enterprise (Series B)AI (Series B)SaaS (Series B)AI (Series A)Enterprise (Series B)SaaS (Series A)AI (Seed)SaaS (Seed)Enterprise (Series A)AI (Series A)Enterprise (Seed)SaaS (Series A)AI (Seed)SaaS (Seed)Los Angeles / Southern CaliforniaEnterprise (Series A)Boston / New EnglandEnterprise (Seed)Investors who were foundersInvestors who invested in female foundersInvestors who invested in diverse foundersNew York CitySan Francisco Bay Area
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
SeedNov 2019$2.1M
Co-investors: Katie Haun (Haun Ventures), Fred Ehrsam (Paradigm), Justin Kan (Goat Capital), Dan Rose (Coatue), Avichal Garg (Electric Capital), Alexis Ohanian (Seven Seven Six), Kevin Hartz (A* Capital (A Star Capitail)), Kevin Durant (Thirty Five Ventures), Ashton Kutcher (Sound Ventures), Naval Ravikant (The Hit Forge), Linda Xie (Scalar Capital), Bill Lee (Craft Ventures), Martin Tobias (Incisive Ventures), Andrew Vigneault (Flexcap), Regan Bozman, Andrew Steinwold, Ben Silbermann, Balaji Srinivasan, Dylan Field, Julian Wright, Ryan Shea, Scott Belsky, Mark Cuban, Mathieu Guerville, Marc McCabe, Justin David Blau
Unchained Capital
Seed RoundJun 2018$3M
Co-investors: Bernardt Vogel (VU Venture Partners), Brian Spaly (Brand Foundry Ventures), Ezra Galston (Starting Line), Nick Ducoff (G20 Ventures)
Series AOct 2017$4.9M
Co-investors: Joe Apprendi (Revel Partners), Geoff Judge (iNovia Capital), Bill Benedict (Alpine Meridien)
Seed RoundJul 2017$450K
Co-investors: Eric Reiner (Vine Ventures LP), Ryan Bloomer (K50 Ventures), Jordan Fudge (Sinai Ventures)
SeedMar 2017$2000B
Bitcoin, marketplaces and platforms, SaaS, adtech and digital media
I'm internet / software only, so no medical devices, clean tech, hardware. Typically work only with product/engineering oriented founders. If more of a sales/BD orientation, only with founders who've had significant exits previously.
Interactive Television Producer MicrosoftPresent
Strategy and Operations GooglePresent
CEO Swan BitcoinPresent
Television Reporter, Anchor and Producer; Online Producer NBC 8 KOMU-TVPresent
Private Client Marketing Morgan StanleyPresent
Management Consulting McKinsey & CompanyPresent
The University of Chicago Booth School of Business MBA in Finance Entrepreneurship, and International Business
University of Missouri-Columbia Broadcast Journalism New Media, Convergence, Business Management