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Craig Shapiro(4)

Founder & Managing Partner at Collaborative Fund
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Connected to Kanyi Maqubela (Kindred Ventures).

Collaborative Fund Managing Partner
$500K - $1M
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CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
SeedNov 2022$2M
SeedMar 2022$6M
Co-investors: Ryan Bethencourt (Babel Ventures), Andrew D Ive (Big Idea Ventures), Michiel van Deursen (Capital V), Courtney Reum (M13)
Dandelion Energy
Series BNov 2022$70M
Series BFeb 2021$30M
Series AJan 2020$12M
Series AFeb 2019$16M
SeedMar 2018$5M
SeedJul 2017$2M
Co-investors: Andrew Schoen (New Enterprise Associates (NEA)), Carmichael Roberts (Breakthrough Energy Ventures), Erik Nordlander (GV (Google Ventures)), Shaun Maguire (Sequoia Capital), Matt Eggers (Prelude Ventures)
Series AAug 2022$12M
Co-investors: Carmichael Roberts (Breakthrough Energy Ventures), Nick Fragnito (Shorewind Capital), Faris Lodin (Sterling Equity), Jacob Poliskin (Darco Capital), David Adelman (Darco Capital), John Legend, Mark Cuban, LeBron James
Street FC
SeedAug 2022$2M
Co-investors: Bijan Sabet (Spark Capital), Jared Hecht (Magellan (
Flourish Labs
SeedJul 2022$6M
Co-investors: Anna Patterson (Gradient Ventures), Philipp Moehring (AngelList Syndicator)
Series BFeb 2022$20M
Co-investors: Brian Walsh (Wind Ventures), Jackie Vullinghs (AirTree Ventures), Rokas Peciulaitis (Contrarian Ventures)
Kula Bio
Series AJan 2022$50M
SeedMay 2021$10M
Co-investors: Russ Wilcox (Pillar VC)
Spoiler Alert
Series ADec 2021$11M
Co-investors: Semyon Dukach (One Way Ventures), Brian Frank (FTW Ventures)
I'm interested in supporting founders who are building businesses that directly impact consumers and push the world forward.
I am not currently investing in anything enterprise or B2B focused.
Investment Committee Member Goldhirsh Foundation2013 - Present
Founder & CEO Collaborative Fund2010 - Present