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Dani Tran(418)

Investor at Konvoy
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Connected to Jennifer Carolan (Reach Capital), Hayden Williams (BrandProject), Lance Dietz (KB Partners).

$500K - $3.0M
Wellness & Fitness (Series B)Wellness & Fitness (Pre-seed)Entertainment & Sports (Pre-seed)Wellness & Fitness (Series A)Wellness & Fitness (Seed)Creator/Passion Economy (Series B)Creator/Passion Economy (Series A)Gaming/eSports (Series B)Games (Series B)Entertainment & Sports (Series B)Education (Series B)Social Networks (Pre-seed)Games (Pre-seed)Creator/Passion Economy (Pre-seed)Social Networks (Series B)AR/VR (Series B)Gaming/eSports (Pre-seed)Education (Pre-seed)Creator/Passion Economy (Seed)Education (Seed)Games (Seed)Entertainment & Sports (Seed)AR/VR (Pre-seed)Consumer Internet (Series B)Games (Series A)Entertainment & Sports (Series A)Education (Series A)AR/VR (Series A)Social Networks (Series A)Gaming/eSports (Seed)Gaming/eSports (Series A)Social Networks (Seed)AR/VR (Seed)Consumer Internet (Pre-seed)Consumer Internet (Series A)AI (Pre-seed)Creator/Passion Economy (Series B)AI (Series B)Consumer Internet (Seed)Wellness & Fitness (Series B)AI (Series A)AI (Seed)Creator/Passion Economy (Pre-seed)Creator/Passion Economy (Series A)Wellness & Fitness (Pre-seed)Entertainment & Sports (Series B)Creator/Passion Economy (Seed)Wellness & Fitness (Series A)AR/VR (Series B)Games (Series B)Wellness & Fitness (Seed)Games (Pre-seed)Entertainment & Sports (Pre-seed)Colorado / UtahGaming/eSports (Series B)AR/VR (Pre-seed)Education (Series B)Gaming/eSports (Pre-seed)Entertainment & Sports (Series A)Games (Series A)AR/VR (Series A)Social Networks (Series B)Education (Pre-seed)Social Networks (Pre-seed)Entertainment & Sports (Seed)Games (Seed)AR/VR (Seed)Gaming/eSports (Series A)Female InvestorsEducation (Series A)Gaming/eSports (Seed)Social Networks (Series A)Education (Seed)Social Networks (Seed)Consumer Internet (Pre-seed)Diverse InvestorsAI (Series B)Investors who invested in female foundersInvestors who invested in diverse foundersAI (Pre-seed)Consumer Internet (Series B)AI (Series A)Consumer Internet (Series A)AI (Seed)Consumer Internet (Seed)
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Pok Pok
SeedAug 2022$3
Series AN/A
Co-investors: Jackson Vaughan (Konvoy Ventures)
Platforms, Infrastructure and Technology for Gaming and Interactive Entertainment