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David Barber


Partner at Astanor Ventures

astanor.comNew York, New York
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$100K - $5.0M
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Series CJan 2022$100M
Series BFeb 2021$42M
Co-investors: Nicholas Brown (Imaginary Ventures), Ann Berry
Ark Biotech
Pre Seed RoundDec 2021$2.5M
Series AOct 2021$25M
Apeel Sciences
Series EAug 2021$250M
Co-investors: Kathleen A. Merrigan (Astanor Ventures), Yves Sisteron (Upfront Ventures), Jason Spievak (Entrada Ventures), John Greathouse (Rincon Venture Partners), Katy Perry, Anne Wojcicki
Meati Foods
Series BJul 2021$50M
Co-investors: Joshua Posamentier (Congruent Ventures), Lucas Mann (Acre Venture Partners), Jonathan Neman
Scout Canning
Seed RoundSep 2020$1M
good culture
Venture RoundFeb 2019$8M
Sfoglini Pasta
Series AJun 2018$2.5M