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David Goldberg(43)

General Partner at Alpaca VC Beach, Florida
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Connected to Ryan Freedman (Alpaca VC), Trace Cohen (New York Venture Partners (NYVP)), Jon Vlassopulos (A-Force Ventures), and 2 other investors on Signal.

Merrill Lynch Network
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Alpaca VC General Partner
$500K - $1.5M
Entertainment & Sports (Pre-seed)Lodging/Hospitality (Pre-seed)Retail (Pre-seed)Parenting/Families (Pre-seed)Retail (Pre-seed)Fashion (Pre-seed)Retail (Pre-seed)Real Estate/PropTech (Pre-seed)Lodging/Hospitality (Pre-seed)Lodging/Hospitality (Seed)Parenting/Families (Pre-seed)Fashion (Pre-seed)Lodging/Hospitality (Seed)Lodging/Hospitality (Seed)Fashion (Pre-seed)Parenting/Families (Seed)Lodging/Hospitality (Pre-seed)Parenting/Families (Seed)Fashion (Seed)Retail (Seed)Retail (Seed)Entertainment & Sports (Seed)Fashion (Seed)Parenting/Families (Pre-seed)Lodging/Hospitality (Pre-seed)Lodging/Hospitality (Pre-seed)Hardware (Pre-seed)Retail (Seed)Lodging/Hospitality (Pre-seed)Real Estate/PropTech (Seed)Parenting/Families (Pre-seed)TransportationTech (Seed)TransportationTech (Seed)Consumer Internet (Seed)Consumer Internet (Pre-seed)TransportationTech (Pre-seed)Retail (Pre-seed)Fashion (Seed)TransportationTech (Pre-seed)Real Estate/PropTech (Pre-seed)Hardware (Seed)IoT (Pre-seed)IoT (Pre-seed)Fashion (Pre-seed)Hardware (Pre-seed)Lodging/Hospitality (Seed)Parenting/Families (Seed)Entertainment & Sports (Seed)Fashion (Seed)Hardware (Seed)IoT (Seed)Parenting/Families (Seed)Entertainment & Sports (Pre-seed)Entertainment & Sports (Pre-seed)IoT (Pre-seed)Real Estate/PropTech (Seed)Entertainment & Sports (Pre-seed)Lodging/Hospitality (Seed)IoT (Seed)Lodging/Hospitality (Seed)IoT (Seed)TransportationTech (Pre-seed)Consumer Internet (Pre-seed)Parenting/Families (Pre-seed)Hardware (Pre-seed)Retail (Seed)Real Estate/PropTech (Pre-seed)Consumer Internet (Seed)TransportationTech (Pre-seed)Hardware (Seed)Parenting/Families (Seed)Retail (Pre-seed)Hardware (Pre-seed)Real Estate/PropTech (Pre-seed)IoT (Pre-seed)Parenting/Families (Pre-seed)Hardware (Seed)Fashion (Pre-seed)Fashion (Pre-seed)TransportationTech (Seed)Retail (Pre-seed)TransportationTech (Seed)Entertainment & Sports (Pre-seed)Entertainment & Sports (Seed)IoT (Seed)Parenting/Families (Seed)Fashion (Seed)Real Estate/PropTech (Seed)Entertainment & Sports (Pre-seed)Entertainment & Sports (Seed)Fashion (Seed)Consumer Internet (Pre-seed)TransportationTech (Pre-seed)TransportationTech (Pre-seed)Real Estate/PropTech (Pre-seed)Real Estate/PropTech (Seed)IoT (Pre-seed)Hardware (Pre-seed)Retail (Seed)Hardware (Pre-seed)Entertainment & Sports (Seed)IoT (Pre-seed)Real Estate/PropTech (Pre-seed)Consumer Internet (Seed)Consumer Internet (Pre-seed)Retail (Seed)Real Estate/PropTech (Seed)Entertainment & Sports (Seed)Hardware (Seed)TransportationTech (Seed)IoT (Seed)Hardware (Seed)TransportationTech (Seed)Real Estate/PropTech (Seed)Consumer Internet (Seed)IoT (Seed)Consumer Internet (Pre-seed)Consumer Internet (Pre-seed)Consumer Internet (Seed)Raleigh-Durham / Southeast USConsumer Internet (Seed)MidwestLos Angeles / Southern CaliforniaNew York CitySan Francisco Bay Area
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
SeedSep 2022$3M
Co-investors: Charles Hudson (Precursor Ventures), Luke Skertich (FJ Labs), Fritz Lanman (Acequia Capital), Anna Mason (Ingeborg Investments)
Series BMar 2022$50M
SeedAug 2020$2M
Co-investors: Beth Turner (SV Angel), Karen Page (B Capital Group), David Ulevitch (Andreessen Horowitz), Joshua Coyne (Kleiner Perkins), Ryan Simonetti (Revolution Growth), Rob Biederman (Asymmetric Capital Partners), Cyan Banister (Long Journey Ventures), Peggy Grigus Mangot (Pioneer Fund), Michael Cardamone (Forum Ventures), Andreas Klinger (Remote First Capital), Lucy Guo (Backend Capital), James Murphy (Forum Ventures), Johnny Boufarhat, Adrian Aoun, James Watt
SeedFeb 2022$4M
Co-investors: Gary Vaynerchuk (Vayner RSE)
Series ANov 2019$12M
SeedDec 2017$5M
Co-investors: Matthew Ball (Makers Fund), Brent Murri (M13), Vinny Lingham (Multicoin Capital), Jeff Schox (Trucks Venture Capital), Carmen Palafox (2045 ventures), Faris Lodin (Sterling Equity), Karl Alomar (M13), Jake Jolis (Matrix), Rajeev Singh-Molares (Mundi Ventures), Chinedu Enekwe (Aux21 Capital), Kevin Lin, Marc Merrill
SeedOct 2018
Co-investors: Fabrice Grinda (FJ Labs), Brian Bell (Team Ignite Ventures), Michael Nogen (Overton Venture Capital), Daniel Curran (Curran Rosschou Venture Capital), Ashley Flucas (Flucas Ventures)
SeedJul 2018$2M
SeedApr 2015$2M
Co-investors: Alex Finkelstein (Spark Capital), Tyler Thompson (Second Century Ventures), Alex Iskold (2048 Ventures), Lydia Jett (SoftBank Vision Fund), Ryan Freedman (Alpaca VC), Will Mcclelland (Grace Beauty Capital), Jonathan Cornelissen
Ocean Freight Exchange
SeedJul 2018$3M
Co-investors: Marlon Nichols (MaC Venture Capital), Ryan Moore (Accomplice VC), Lee Hower (NextView Ventures)
Series BJun 2018$7M
Co-investors: Kent Bennett (Bessemer Venture Partners), Raju Rishi (RRE Ventures), Jose Marin (FJ Labs), Fabrice Grinda (FJ Labs), David Beisel (NextView Ventures), Diane Hessan
Currently we're interested in Consumer, Marketplaces, and Real Estate tech - but are opportunistic and really just want great founders in huge markets
BioTech, Social Networks, Marketing Software, Big Data, AR/VR
Member Board Of Directors The Inside2018 - Present
General Partner Alpaca VC2017 - Present
General Partner Corigin Ventures2017 - Present
Kauffman Fellow Kauffman Fellows2017 - Present
Member of the Board of Directors Perch Interactive, Inc2015 - Present
Member of the Board of Directors Minibar Delivery2017 - 2021
Member of the Board of Directors Meural2016 - 2018
Principal Corigin Ventures2014 - 2017
Principal Alpaca VC2014 - 2017
Business Development Consultant The Bureau2013 - 2014
Founder & CEO FreshNeck2011 - 2014
Vice President, Wealth Management Jefferies & Company2011 - 2012
Financial Advisor Merrill Lynch2010 - 2011
Assistant District Attorney Brooklyn District Attorney's Office2008 - 2010
Fordham University School of Law JD/MBA Finance
Fordham Gabelli School of Business MBA Finance
University of Miami Herbert Business School B.A. Marketing, Sports Management
University of Miami BA Marketing, Sports Management
University of Miami Business School B.A. Marketing, Sports Management
Livingston High School