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David Waroquier


Operating Partner at Mangrove Capital Partners

Photo of David Waroquier, Investor at Mangrove Capital Partners

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$100K - $5.0M
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Flo Health
Series AOct 2018$12M
Red Points
Series BDec 2017€12M
Series ASep 2016€2M
Co-investors: Jessica Schultz (Northzone), Davor Hebel (Eight Roads Ventures)
Series BSep 2015€15M
Series AOct 2014€7M
Co-investors: Fabrice Grinda (FJ Labs), Jose Marin (FJ Labs), Hans Otterling (Northzone), Jessica Schultz (Northzone)
Series AMay 2015$7.2M
Co-investors: Andy McLoughlin (Uncork Capital), Fabrice Grinda (FJ Labs), Charlie Pinto (Bling Capital), Paul Buchheit (Y Combinator), Cameron McLain (Giant Ventures), Jared Friedman (Y Combinator), Kevin Mahaffey (SNR), Christina Brodbeck (Rivet Ventures), Jude Gomila (Jude Gomila Rolling Fund), Naveen Jain, Jeremy Yap, Sumon Sadhu, Darius Contractor, Jugoslav Petkovic, Kulveer Taggar, Jonathan Swanson, Joshua Reeves