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Diana Kimball Berlin(14)

InvestorProduct OperatorVC
Partner at Matrix, leading concept through Series A rounds in B2B SaaS and applied AI startups
dianaberlin.comSan Francisco, California
Photo of Diana Kimball Berlin, Partner at Matrix

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Matrix Partner
$100K - $10.0M
Enterprise Applications (Series A)Future of Work (Pre-seed)Enterprise Applications (Pre-seed)Generative Tech/AI (Pre-seed)Generative Tech/AI (Seed)Enterprise Applications (Pre-seed)Generative Tech/AI (Series A)Generative Tech/AI (Pre-seed)Generative Tech/AI (Pre-seed)Sales & CRM (Pre-seed)Generative Tech/AI (Seed)Sales & CRM (Pre-seed)Sales & CRM (Series A)Sales & CRM (Pre-seed)Sales & CRM (Series A)Generative Tech/AI (Series A)Generative Tech/AI (Pre-seed)Enterprise Applications (Seed)Generative Tech/AI (Pre-seed)Enterprise Applications (Seed)Enterprise Applications (Pre-seed)Sales & CRM (Pre-seed)Enterprise Applications (Series A)Sales & CRM (Pre-seed)Enterprise Applications (Series A)Generative Tech/AI (Series A)Generative Tech/AI (Series A)Future of Work (Pre-seed)Enterprise Applications (Series A)Sales & CRM (Pre-seed)Generative Tech/AI (Seed)Sales & CRM (Seed)Sales & CRM (Seed)Enterprise Applications (Pre-seed)Enterprise Applications (Seed)Sales & CRM (Series A)Sales & CRM (Series A)Enterprise Applications (Pre-seed)Sales & CRM (Seed)Generative Tech/AI (Seed)Sales & CRM (Seed)Future of Work (Pre-seed)Generative Tech/AI (Pre-seed)Enterprise (Series A)Generative Tech/AI (Seed)AI (Series A)Generative Tech/AI (Series A)Sales & CRM (Seed)Generative Tech/AI (Series A)Enterprise Applications (Seed)Sales & CRM (Series A)Enterprise Applications (Pre-seed)Generative Tech/AI (Pre-seed)Sales & CRM (Seed)Future of Work (Pre-seed)Sales & CRM (Pre-seed)Enterprise Applications (Series A)Sales & CRM (Series A)AI (Pre-seed)Generative Tech/AI (Seed)Future of Work (Pre-seed)Generative Tech/AI (Series A)Enterprise Applications (Seed)Enterprise (Pre-seed)Enterprise (Seed)Enterprise (Pre-seed)Enterprise Applications (Pre-seed)AI (Pre-seed)Generative Tech/AI (Seed)Future of Work (Pre-seed)Enterprise (Series A)AI (Series A)Enterprise (Pre-seed)Generative Tech/AI (Pre-seed)Enterprise (Pre-seed)AI (Seed)Sales & CRM (Series A)AI (Pre-seed)AI (Seed)Sales & CRM (Seed)AI (Series A)AI (Series A)Enterprise Applications (Series A)Enterprise (Series A)Enterprise Applications (Pre-seed)Future of Work (Pre-seed)Enterprise (Series A)Enterprise (Seed)Enterprise Applications (Series A)AI (Pre-seed)Sales & CRM (Pre-seed)Enterprise (Seed)Generative Tech/AI (Series A)AI (Seed)Enterprise Applications (Seed)Enterprise Applications (Seed)Generative Tech/AI (Pre-seed)AI (Pre-seed)Enterprise (Pre-seed)Generative Tech/AI (Seed)Enterprise (Seed)Sales & CRM (Series A)Future of Work (Pre-seed)AI (Seed)Enterprise (Pre-seed)AI (Series A)AI (Pre-seed)Generative Tech/AI (Series A)AI (Series A)Enterprise (Series A)Sales & CRM (Seed)Sales & CRM (Pre-seed)AI (Seed)Enterprise Applications (Series A)British ColumbiaGenerative Tech/AI (Seed)Enterprise (Series A)Enterprise Applications (Seed)Colorado / UtahAI (Seed)Sales & CRM (Series A)Enterprise Applications (Pre-seed)Enterprise (Seed)Enterprise (Seed)AI (Pre-seed)Enterprise (Pre-seed)Seattle / PortlandSales & CRM (Seed)Future of Work (Pre-seed)AI (Series A)Future of Work (Series A)AustinFemale InvestorsAI (Seed)Enterprise (Series A)Enterprise Applications (Series A)Future of Work (Seed)AI (Pre-seed)Enterprise (Pre-seed)Enterprise Applications (Seed)Enterprise (Seed)Los Angeles / Southern CaliforniaDiverse InvestorsAI (Series A)Boston / New EnglandAI (Pre-seed)Enterprise (Pre-seed)Investors who invested in female foundersInvestors who invested in diverse foundersAI (Seed)Enterprise (Series A)Enterprise (Seed)AI (Series A)New York CityAI (Seed)Enterprise (Series A)Enterprise (Seed)San Francisco Bay Area
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Series ADec 2022$10M
Co-investors: Nat Friedman (C2 Investment), Chung-Man Tam
Infinity AI
SeedDec 2021$5M
VP Product and Data Science Salesforce2016 - 2020
VP Product and Data Science Quip2016 - 2020
Product Manager SoundCloud2013 - 2015
Data Analyst Intern Kickstarter2012 - 2012
PM for PowerPoint Microsoft2009 - 2011
Harvard Business School MBA
Harvard University History