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Don Aquilano


Co-Founder & Managing Director at Allos Ventures

allosventures.comCarmel, Indiana
Photo of Don Aquilano, Managing Director at Allos Ventures

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Allos Ventures Managing Director
$250K - $3.0M
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Seed RoundSep 2022$3M
Co-investors: Ullas Naik (Streamlined Ventures), Jocelyn Cheng (Luno Expeditions), Charles Seely (Hoxton Ventures)
Series AJan 2022$8M
Co-investors: Seth Corder (High Alpha), Mike Fitzgerald (High Alpha), Eric Tobias (High Alpha), Kristian Andersen (High Alpha), Baris Aksoy (AV8 Ventures), Curtis Lee, Bradley Horowitz, Ade Olonoh
Seed RoundDec 2021$4M
Scale Computing
Series FOct 2018$35M
Series EJul 2015$18M
Series DOct 2012$12M
Co-investors: Bill Gurley (Benchmark), Ting Gootee (Elevate Ventures), Rob Theis
OneCause (formerly BidPal)
Venture RoundSep 2018$4M
Venture RoundDec 2016$3.5M
Debt FinancingDec 2016$3.5M
Debt FinancingSep 2014$810K
Debt FinancingJul 2014$680K
Debt FinancingNov 2013$980K
Debt FinancingOct 2013$2.5M
Debt FinancingFeb 2013$850K
Series BSep 2011$5.6M
Co-investors: Kirk Wolfe (MK Capital)
Series ESep 2016$4.8M
Series DOct 2015$7M
Series CMar 2014$3M
Co-investors: Eric Tobias (High Alpha), Seth Corder (High Alpha), Mike Fitzgerald (High Alpha), Kristian Andersen (High Alpha), Lisa Coca (GE Ventures), Tim Kopp (Hyde Park Venture Partners), Jonathan Chizick