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Duncan Turner

General Partner at SOSV; Managing Director at HAX
Photo of Duncan Turner, General Partner at SOSV

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SOSV General Partner
$100K - $2.0M
Manufacturing (Series B)IoT (Series B)Manufacturing (Series A)Manufacturing (Pre-seed)Manufacturing (Series B)Manufacturing (Seed)Health & Hospital Services (Pre-seed)Health & Hospital Services (Seed)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Series B)Health IT (Series B)Digital Health (Pre-seed)Manufacturing (Series A)Consumer Health (Series B)AI (Series B)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Seed)Health & Hospital Services (Series A)Health IT (Series A)IoT (Series A)IoT (Seed)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Series A)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Pre-seed)Robotics (Pre-seed)IoT (Pre-seed)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Pre-seed)Manufacturing (Pre-seed)Digital Health (Series A)Digital Health (Series B)Health & Hospital Services (Series B)Digital Health (Pre-seed)Manufacturing (Seed)Consumer Health (Seed)Robotics (Seed)AI (Series A)Consumer Health (Series A)Robotics (Series A)Digital Health (Seed)Health IT (Pre-seed)Consumer Health (Pre-seed)Health IT (Seed)Robotics (Series B)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Series B)AI (Pre-seed)AI (Seed)IoT (Pre-seed)Robotics (Pre-seed)Enterprise (Series B)Health & Hospital Services (Pre-seed)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Series A)Digital Health (Series B)Digital Health (Series A)Consumer Health (Pre-seed)Robotics (Series B)Enterprise (Pre-seed)Robotics (Series A)IoT (Series B)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Seed)Digital Health (Seed)AI (Series B)Enterprise (Series A)Health IT (Pre-seed)Consumer Health (Series B)IoT (Series A)IoT (Seed)Enterprise (Seed)Robotics (Seed)AI (Pre-seed)Consumer Health (Series A)Consumer Health (Seed)AI (Series A)Health IT (Series B)AI (Seed)Enterprise (Pre-seed)Health & Hospital Services (Series B)Health & Hospital Services (Seed)Health IT (Series A)Health & Hospital Services (Series A)Health IT (Seed)Enterprise (Series B)Enterprise (Seed)Enterprise (Series A)New York City
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Seed RoundMay 2023$5M
Angel RoundFeb 2022
Seed RoundDec 2020
Co-investors: Cyril Ebersweiler (SOSV), Arash Ferdowsi
Pulse Industrial
Venture RoundMar 2023
Seed RoundSep 2020
Co-investors: Cyril Ebersweiler (SOSV)
Series AMar 2023$11M
Seed RoundDec 2020
Co-investors: Cyril Ebersweiler (SOSV)
Ayrton Energy
Seed RoundMar 2023
Series AMar 2023
Seed RoundSep 2021$7.5M
Convertible NoteAug 2021
Co-investors: Shuo Yang (Lowercarbon Capital), Josh Buckley (Buckley Ventures), Cyril Ebersweiler (SOSV), Jonathan Kroll (RareBreed Ventures)
Green Li-ion
Series BMar 2023$21M
Series AJan 2022$12M
Seed RoundMar 2021$3.5M
Co-investors: Cyril Ebersweiler (SOSV), Hayden Sommer (Energy Revolution Ventures)
Medical Devices Corner
Convertible NoteMar 2023
Seed RoundDec 2021
Seed RoundMar 2023