Ed Roman(563)

Hack VC Managing Director

Photo of Ed Roman, Managing Director at Hack VC
San Francisco, California
$100k - $500k
When we invest, we can help startups to hire engineers. We can do this because we run the world's largest programmer conference with a community of 125,000+.
We typically co-invest alongside other larger seed fund and VCs since our check doesn't provide enough runway on its own. The best types of startups for us to meet come from referrals from other investors who need quality co-investors in their rounds, or from startups who have a round that needs additional participants to complement their lead investor..
CompanyDeal TypeAmountDate
Sling HealthSeed Round$2.6MSep 2019
Boundary Layer TechnologiesSeed Round$2.3MMar 2019
Medinas HealthSeed Round$2.5MOct 2018
MutinySeed Round$3MSep 2018
KinsideSeed Round$1.3MAug 2018
SwivelSeed Round$4.8MJul 2018
ShoneSeed Round$4MJun 2018
Weights & BiasesSeries A$5MMay 2018
O(1) LabsSeed RoundFeb 2018
Fritz AISeed Round$2MJan 2018
Cornell University Bachelors Computer Science
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