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Managing Director at Hack VC

hack.vcSan Francisco, California
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Connected to James Currier (NFX), Aileen Lee (Cowboy Ventures), Satya Patel (Homebrew), and 82 other investors on Signal.

Cornell University Network
Hack VC Managing Director
$5.0M - $10.0M
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Pre Seed RoundFeb 2022$1.8M
Co-investors: Jaynti Kanani (Polygon), Cecilia Li (Formless Capital), Alexander Pack (Hack VC)
Series AOct 2021$11M
Seed RoundApr 2021$2.7M
Co-investors: Paul Sethi (2048 Ventures), Nicolas Dessaigne (Y Combinator), Salil Deshpande (Uncorrelated Ventures), Chris Gardner (Underscore VC)
Series AAug 2021$6.7M
Seed RoundDec 2020$2.1M
Co-investors: Naval Ravikant (AngelList), Salil Deshpande (Uncorrelated Ventures), Adam Dawkins (Sierra Ventures), Girish Mathrubootham, Guillermo Rauch
Pre Seed RoundJan 2021$2M
Co-investors: Topher Conway (SV Angel), Wesley Barrow (Correlation Ventures), Michael Cardamone (Forum Ventures)
Series BJan 2021$5M
Co-investors: Ryan Moore (Accomplice VC), Zander Lurie, Brian Distelburger, Matt Mickiewicz
Earthly Technologies
Seed RoundOct 2020$2.1M
Co-investors: Jeremy Levine (Bessemer Venture Partners), Florian Leibert (468 Capital), Salil Deshpande (Uncorrelated Ventures), Spencer Kimball
Seed RoundAug 2020$1.2M
Co-investors: Michelle Valentine (Plug & Play Ventures), Shervin Pishevar (Slow Ventures), Donald Stalter (Global Founders Capital), Aneel Ranadive (Soma Capital), Joshua Coyne (Kleiner Perkins), Ellen Levy (Silicon Valley Connect), Daniel Darling (Darling Ventures), Sarah Imbach (Broadway Angels), Astasia Myers (Quiet Capital), Vera Baker (Unconventional Ventures), David Carrico (Jlabs), Parker Barrile (Norwest Venture Partners), Manish Patel, Loic Le Meur, Sam Shank, Ido Leffler, Chafic Kazoun, Karim Atiyeh, Tomasz Tunguz
Convertible NoteJul 2020
Co-investors: Tom Brown (Nyca Partners), Jonathan Ebinger (BlueRun Ventures)
When we invest, we can help startups to hire engineers. We can do this because we run the world's largest programmer conference with a community of 125,000+.
We typically co-invest alongside other larger seed fund and VCs since our check doesn't provide enough runway on its own. The best types of startups for us to meet come from referrals from other investors who need quality co-investors in their rounds, or from startups who have a round that needs additional participants to complement their lead investor..
Cornell University Bachelors Computer Science