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Gaetano Crupi(104)

VCAdvisorFormer CEO
Partner at Prime Movers Lab
primemoverslab.comSan Francisco Bay Area
Photo of Gaetano Crupi, Partner at Prime Movers Lab

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Connected to Ann Miura Ko (Floodgate), Adam Draper (Boost VC), Kevin Zhang (Upfront Ventures), and 6 other investors on Signal.

$2.0M - $40.0M
Material Science (Series A)Material Science (Series B)Material Science (Seed)AgTech (Series B)Hardware (Series B)DeepTech (Series B)Manufacturing (Series B)TransportationTech (Series B)Supply Chain Tech (Series B)EnergyTech (Series B)Supply Chain Tech (Series A)Manufacturing (Series A)Manufacturing (Seed)Supply Chain Tech (Seed)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Series B)Hardware (Series A)DeepTech (Series A)Material Science (Series B)Robotics (Series B)DeepTech (Seed)EnergyTech (Series A)AgTech (Series A)EnergyTech (Seed)TransportationTech (Series A)Hardware (Seed)Robotics (Series A)Supply Chain Tech (Series B)AgTech (Seed)Manufacturing (Series B)Material Science (Series A)Robotics (Seed)TransportationTech (Seed)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Series A)Material Science (Seed)Supply Chain Tech (Series A)DeepTech (Series B)AgTech (Series B)Hardware (Series B)Supply Chain Tech (Seed)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Seed)Robotics (Series B)EnergyTech (Series B)Manufacturing (Series A)TransportationTech (Series B)Manufacturing (Seed)DeepTech (Series A)Hardware (Series A)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Series B)AgTech (Series A)Robotics (Series A)TransportationTech (Series A)DeepTech (Seed)EnergyTech (Series A)Hardware (Seed)AgTech (Seed)EnergyTech (Seed)Robotics (Seed)TransportationTech (Seed)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Series A)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Seed)Diverse InvestorsInvestors who were foundersInvestors who invested in female foundersInvestors who invested in diverse foundersNew York CitySan Francisco Bay Area