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Gavin Baker(13)

Managing Partner & CIO, Atreides Management LP
gavinbaker.netBoston, Massachusetts
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Connected to Pete Flint (NFX), Shawn Carolan (Menlo Ventures), Lainy Painter (Craft Ventures).

Dartmouth College Network
Atreides Management Managing Partner
$250K - $50.0M
Games (Series B)Semiconductors (Series B)Semiconductors (Series B)Space (Series B)Social Commerce (Series B)Social Commerce (Series A)AR/VR (Series B)Space (Series B)Space (Series B)AR/VR (Series B)Games (Series B)Semiconductors (Series A)Semiconductors (Series B)Games (Series A)Space (Series B)Semiconductors (Series B)Games (Series B)Gaming/eSports (Series B)Space (Series A)AR/VR (Series A)Games (Series A)Gaming/eSports (Series B)Social Commerce (Series B)Social Commerce (Series B)Semiconductors (Series A)Space (Series B)Social Commerce (Series B)Semiconductors (Series A)Space (Series A)Analytics (Series B)AR/VR (Series B)Semiconductors (Series A)Analytics (Series B)Space (Series A)Games (Series B)Gaming/eSports (Series B)E-commerce (Series B)Semiconductors (Series B)Semiconductors (Series A)Games (Series B)Social Commerce (Series A)Social Commerce (Series A)Semiconductors (Series B)Games (Series A)Cloud Infrastructure (Series B)Space (Series A)E-commerce (Series B)AR/VR (Series A)Gaming/eSports (Series A)E-commerce (Series A)Analytics (Series B)Social Commerce (Series B)AR/VR (Series A)Cloud Infrastructure (Series B)Social Commerce (Series A)AR/VR (Series B)Gaming/eSports (Series A)Gaming/eSports (Series A)FinTech (Series B)AI (Series B)Analytics (Series B)Space (Series A)AR/VR (Series B)Games (Series A)Gaming/eSports (Series B)Analytics (Series A)Cloud Infrastructure (Series A)Semiconductors (Series A)Space (Series B)E-commerce (Series B)Cloud Infrastructure (Series B)E-commerce (Series A)Analytics (Series A)AR/VR (Series A)Games (Series A)AR/VR (Series A)Semiconductors (Series B)Analytics (Series A)E-commerce (Series B)Gaming/eSports (Series B)Cloud Infrastructure (Series B)Social Commerce (Series A)Games (Series B)Analytics (Series A)AR/VR (Series B)Cloud Infrastructure (Series A)FinTech (Series B)Space (Series B)AI (Series B)Semiconductors (Series A)Cloud Infrastructure (Series A)AI (Series A)AI (Series B)AI (Series B)Analytics (Series B)Gaming/eSports (Series A)E-commerce (Series A)Social Commerce (Series B)FinTech (Series A)Gaming/eSports (Series B)FinTech (Series A)Gaming/eSports (Series A)Space (Series A)FinTech (Series B)AR/VR (Series B)Games (Series A)E-commerce (Series A)Cloud Infrastructure (Series A)Cloud Infrastructure (Series B)Social Commerce (Series B)E-commerce (Series B)Games (Series B)AI (Series A)AI (Series A)AR/VR (Series A)Social Commerce (Series A)Analytics (Series A)AI (Series A)Space (Series A)Analytics (Series B)Gaming/eSports (Series A)FinTech (Series A)Cloud Infrastructure (Series A)AR/VR (Series A)AI (Series B)E-commerce (Series B)Gaming/eSports (Series B)Social Commerce (Series A)Games (Series A)E-commerce (Series A)FinTech (Series B)Analytics (Series B)Analytics (Series A)AI (Series A)Gaming/eSports (Series A)E-commerce (Series A)E-commerce (Series B)FinTech (Series A)FinTech (Series B)AI (Series B)FinTech (Series B)Analytics (Series A)Cloud Infrastructure (Series B)FinTech (Series A)Cloud Infrastructure (Series B)AustinE-commerce (Series A)Cloud Infrastructure (Series A)AI (Series B)FinTech (Series A)AI (Series A)IsraelCloud Infrastructure (Series A)FinTech (Series B)AI (Series A)Los Angeles / Southern CaliforniaBoston / New EnglandFinTech (Series A)New York CitySan Francisco Bay Area
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Series ANov 2021$41M
Co-investors: Angela Strange (Andreessen Horowitz), James Currier (NFX), Zach Bratun-Glennon (Gradient Ventures), Mark Goldberg (Index Ventures), Justin Overdorff (Lightspeed Venture Partners), Peter Levine (Andreessen Horowitz), Dan Rosen (Commerce Ventures), Salil Deshpande (Uncorrelated Ventures), Maria Palma (Kindred Capital VC), Sima Gandhi (Creative Juice), Calanthia Mei (The Community Fund), Ramtin Naimi (Abstract Ventures), Zach Weinberg (Curie.Bio), Nat Turner (Operator Partners), Gokul Rajaram
Series DOct 2021$90M
Series CFeb 2021$40M
Co-investors: Jeff Richards (GGV Capital), Bob Goodman (Bessemer Venture Partners), Mike Brown Jr (Bowery Capital), Scott Hartley (Everywhere Ventures (The Fund)), Namek T. Zu'bi (Silicon Badia), Brad Svrluga (Primary Venture Partners), Dan Teran (Gutter Capital), Laurel Touby (Supernode Ventures), Brett Martin (Charge Ventures), Dick Costolo (01 Advisors), Adam Bain (01 Advisors)
The Org
Series BSep 2021$20M
Co-investors: Keith Rabois (Founders Fund), Roelof Botha (Sequoia Capital), Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen (2xN), Neeraj Arora (Venture Highway), Ramtin Naimi (Abstract Ventures), Jeremy Yap
Genvid Holdings
Series CJul 2021$110M
Co-investors: Sam Teller (LaunchPad), Rich Greenfield (LightShed Ventures)
Series BApr 2021$24M
Co-investors: Joel Cutler (General Catalyst), Cameron McLain (Giant Ventures)
Series HApr 2021$150M
Co-investors: Anandamoy Roychowdhary (Peak XV Partners (formerly Sequoia Capital India & SEA)), Jishnu Bhattacharjee (Nexus Venture Partners), Tom Banahan (Tenaya Capital), Gregg Adkin (Dell Technologies Capital)
Series AFeb 2021$12M
Series ADec 2020$12M
Co-investors: Ethan Kurzweil (Bessemer Venture Partners), Chris Denny-Brown (O'Shaughnessy Ventures), Sam Cates (Positive Sum VC), Sam Teller (LaunchPad), Patrick O'Shaughnessy (Positive Sum VC), Anthony Goldbloom (AIX Ventures), Daniel Gross (C2 Investment), John Curtius (Cedar Capital Group), Morgan Livermore (Quiet Capital)
Series BJan 2021$210M
Co-investors: John Thompson (Lightspeed Venture Partners), Aaron Mankovski (Pitango Venture Capital)
I have been investing in technology for 20 years and am comfortable in all areas. We have invested in semiconductor companies in both America and Israel, software, mapping, consumer internet, videogame infrastructure and several other areas across 8 significant investments and 15 smaller, earlier stage investments.
I prefer to have a 6 month relationship with an entrepreneur before investing over $5m. I will make smaller investments as a way to develop that relationship if the round is being led by a VC who I trust as a result of a long relationship. Generally prefer infrastructure software to application software today but infinitely open minded.
Portfolio Manager, Fidelity OTC Fund Fidelity Investments1999 - 2017
Dartmouth College A.B. History and Economics