Homan Yuen(28)

Fusion Fund General Partner

Photo of Homan Yuen, General Partner at Fusion Fund
Palo Alto, California
$500k - $2.0m
Any company who has a significant technology barrier to their business. Software, hardware, B2B, B2C, healthcare, etc.
While there's nothing wrong with companies which don't have a strong technical moat, it's not where our expertise lies. So if the business is purely network effect and user-based growth without technical barriers, we don't focus on those companies. We also do not do pharma or therapeutic biotech because we don't have expertise in those areas.
CompanyDeal TypeAmountDate
BlueFox.IOSeries A$7MJun 2017
fido.aiVenture RoundJul 2016
AgriDataVenture RoundJul 2016
BolstrVenture RoundMar 2016
AMPYSeed Round$875KOct 2015
Naya HealthSeed RoundJul 2015
Shift MessengerSeed Round$1.5MMay 2015
CTO, Co-Founder Solar Junction2007 - 2015
Stanford University PhD, MS Electrical Engineering, Materials Science