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Izhar Armony(121)

Photo of Izhar Armony, General Partner at CRV
University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School Network
CRV General Partner
$500K - $40.0M
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Seed RoundNov 2019$4M
Co-investors: James Sowers (GreaterGoodSociety)
Series ADec 2017$9M
Series BSep 2017$32M
Series AJan 2015$15M
Co-investors: Eric Paley (Founder Collective), Kal Vepuri (Brainchild), Phin Barnes, Wayne Chang, Mike Volpe, Dharmesh Shah
Series CSep 2017$32.5M
Series BJan 2016$20M
Co-investors: John Malloy (BlueRun Ventures), Noam Bardin
Series CJul 2016$23M
Series COct 2014$27M
Series BJan 2014$13M
Series COct 2015$59M
Series BMay 2015$25M
Series AFeb 2014$4.6M
Co-investors: Santo Politi (Spark Capital)
Series CAug 2014$54.3M
Series BJul 2013$16M
Series AJul 2012$12.5M
Co-investors: Max Gazor (CRV), Ann Miura Ko (Floodgate), John Connors (Ignition Partners), Mitchell Green
Series ENov 2012$35M
Co-investors: Jim Goetz (Sequoia Capital), Stacey Bishop (Scale Venture Partners), David Skok (Matrix Partners), Brian Shin, Mike Volpe, Dharmesh Shah
Series BOct 2012$8.2M
Co-investors: David Skok (Matrix Partners), David Sacks (Craft Ventures)
Series AAug 2010$16M
AI as applied to the real-world: autonomous vehicles, cyber security, demand forecasting, etc. Also any SaaS application (B2B only) Focused on Seed and A's only
Not interested in Consumer software, FinTech, HC IT, Bio. Not pursuing later stage deals
VP Marketing CRV1986 - 1995
University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School MBA