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Investing Profile

Jack Abraham


Founder, Managing Partner & CEO at Atomic, Florida
Photo of Jack Abraham, Managing Partner at Atomic

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Atomic Managing Partner
$200K - $2.0M
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Series BFeb 2022$25M
Series AJan 2021$13M
Series AOct 2019$7M
Co-investors: Drew Oetting (8VC), Dan Von Kohorn (Broom Ventures), Mark Wahlberg
Series BDec 2021$100M
Series AJan 2021$24M
Seed RoundMar 2020$8M
Co-investors: Alfred Lin (Sequoia Capital), Josephine Chen (Sequoia Capital), Julia Taylor Cheek (NextGen Venture Partners), Frederique Dame (GV), Fidji Simo
NUE Life Health
Seed RoundJun 2021$3.3M
Co-investors: Shervin Pishevar (Slow Ventures), Martin Varsavsky
Iron Fish
Seed RoundApr 2021$5.3M
Co-investors: Jill Carlson (Slow Ventures), John Lilly (Greylock), Linda Xie (Scalar Capital), Naval Ravikant (AngelList), Kartik Talwar (A Capital), Do Kwon, Jack Chou
ANA Therapeutics
Seed RoundAug 2020$5M
Co-investors: Ronald Conway Sr. (SV Angel), Ron Conway (SV Angel), Arvind Gupta (SOSV), Matt Rogers (Incite Ventures), Swati Mylavarapu (Incite Ventures), Zal Bilimoria (Refactor Capital), Sam Altman (Apollo Projects), Paul Buchheit (Y Combinator)
Seed RoundMar 2020$3M
Co-investors: Robert Nelsen (ARCH Venture Partners), Steve Jurvetson (Future Ventures), Anne Wojcicki
Seed RoundNov 2019$8.2M
Co-investors: Jerry Yang (AME Cloud Ventures)
Series BSep 2019$17M