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Jason Calacanis(1126)

Founder & CEO at LAUNCH
calacanis.comSan Francisco, California
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138 Investors

Connected to James Currier (NFX), Satya Patel (Homebrew), Aileen Lee (Cowboy Ventures), and 135 other investors on Signal.

Sequoia Capital Network
Uber Network
LAUNCH Investor
$100K - $5.0M
Fashion (Series B)Fashion (Series A)Fashion (Series A)Entertainment & Sports (Pre-seed)Fashion (Seed)Entertainment & Sports (Pre-seed)Fashion (Seed)Retail (Pre-seed)Fashion (Pre-seed)Retail (Pre-seed)Fashion (Series B)Fashion (Pre-seed)Food and Beverage (Series A)Entertainment & Sports (Series B)Retail (Series B)Entertainment & Sports (Series B)Food and Beverage (Pre-seed)Food and Beverage (Pre-seed)Food and Beverage (Series B)Gaming/eSports (Series B)Gaming/eSports (Series A)Food and Beverage (Series A)Retail (Series B)Entertainment & Sports (Seed)Retail (Seed)Gaming/eSports (Series A)Retail (Series A)Food and Beverage (Series B)Gaming/eSports (Series B)Gaming/eSports (Pre-seed)Cloud Infrastructure (Pre-seed)Gaming/eSports (Pre-seed)Entertainment & Sports (Series A)Retail (Series A)Sales & CRM (Pre-seed)Food and Beverage (Seed)Cloud Infrastructure (Pre-seed)Consumer Health (Pre-seed)Entertainment & Sports (Series A)Entertainment & Sports (Seed)AI (Series B)AI (Pre-seed)AI (Pre-seed)Retail (Seed)Consumer Health (Pre-seed)AI (Series B)Sales & CRM (Pre-seed)Food and Beverage (Seed)Sales & CRM (Series B)AI (Series A)Health & Hospital Services (Pre-seed)Health & Hospital Services (Pre-seed)Gaming/eSports (Seed)Gaming/eSports (Seed)Sales & CRM (Series B)Sales & CRM (Seed)AI (Series A)Consumer Health (Series B)Sales & CRM (Seed)Consumer Health (Series B)Sales & CRM (Series A)Sales & CRM (Series A)AI (Seed)AI (Seed)Consumer Health (Series A)Consumer Health (Series A)Consumer Health (Seed)Consumer Health (Seed)Cloud Infrastructure (Series B)Cloud Infrastructure (Seed)Cloud Infrastructure (Series B)Health & Hospital Services (Series B)Health & Hospital Services (Series B)Health & Hospital Services (Seed)Cloud Infrastructure (Seed)Health & Hospital Services (Seed)Cloud Infrastructure (Series A)Health & Hospital Services (Series A)Health & Hospital Services (Series A)Cloud Infrastructure (Series A)Angel, Scout, and Solo-CapitalistsSan Francisco Bay Area
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Series BOct 2023$8M
Series AJan 2022$5M
Pre SeedMar 2018
Pre SeedJul 2017
Co-investors: Wei Guo (UpHonest Capital), Keisuke Honda (Dreamers VC), Dr. E. Bora Uygun (Bora&Sons), Yusuke Asakura, Kenji Niwa
Pre SeedOct 2023
Pre SeedSep 2023$2M
AngelOct 2022$100K
Co-investors: Ryan Holmes (LOI Venture)
Pre SeedJul 2023$3M
Co-investors: Edward Lando (Pareto Holdings), Nadav Ben-Chanoch (Pareto Holdings), Joe Magyer (Seaplane Ventures), Cory Levy
Pre SeedMay 2023$130K
Edge (formerly EyeRate)
SeedMar 2023$4M
SeedSep 2021$2M
Pre SeedJan 2020$180K
SeedDec 2022$4M
UndisclosedNov 2022$25K
Founders with traction for the LAUNCH Accelerator Founders with $1m+ ARR for
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Host This Week in StartupsPresent
Producer LAUNCH2019 - Present
Host, ANGEL, the podcast AngelPodcast.com2017 - Present
Author ANGEL, the Book2017 - Present
Founder & CEO LAUNCH2011 - Present
Founder Launch Festival2011 - Present
Angel Investor Uber2010 - Present
CEO & Founder Inside.com2007 - Present
Broadcast Associate - Editing MLB Network2018 - 2019
Freelance Video Editor This Week in Startups2017 - 2019
Broadcast Event Logger MLB Network2017 - 2017
Entrepreneur in Action Sequoia Capital2006 - 2007
CEO & Co-Founder Weblogs, Inc.2003 - 2006
CEO VentureReporter.net1996 - 2003
Founder, CEO & Editor Silicon Alley Reporter1996 - 2001
University of Delaware Bachelor’s Degree Media Communication
Fordham University BA Psychology