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Jeff Horing

Managing Director at Insight Venture Partners
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Insight Partners Managing Director
$10.0M - $350.0M
Enterprise Infrastructure (Series B)Generative Tech/AI (Seed)SaaS (Series B)Enterprise Infrastructure (Seed)Generative Tech/AI (Seed)Generative Tech/AI (Series A)Generative Tech/AI (Series B)Enterprise Infrastructure (Series A)Enterprise Infrastructure (Seed)Cloud Infrastructure (Series B)Analytics (Series B)Analytics (Series A)Generative Tech/AI (Series B)Generative Tech/AI (Series A)Enterprise Infrastructure (Series A)Analytics (Seed)Gaming/eSports (Series B)Data Services (Series B)Cloud Infrastructure (Seed)Data Services (Seed)Gaming/eSports (Series A)Enterprise Infrastructure (Series B)Cloud Infrastructure (Series A)SaaS (Seed)Data Services (Series A)Gaming/eSports (Seed)SaaS (Series B)SaaS (Series A)Gaming/eSports (Series B)Data Services (Series B)Cloud Infrastructure (Series B)Analytics (Series B)SaaS (Series A)Gaming/eSports (Series A)Gaming/eSports (Seed)Enterprise Infrastructure (Series B)Enterprise Infrastructure (Seed)Generative Tech/AI (Series B)SaaS (Seed)Enterprise Infrastructure (Series A)Data Services (Seed)Data Services (Series A)Cloud Infrastructure (Series A)Cloud Infrastructure (Seed)Analytics (Series A)Generative Tech/AI (Series A)Analytics (Seed)Gaming/eSports (Series B)Generative Tech/AI (Seed)Analytics (Series B)Data Services (Series B)Gaming/eSports (Series A)Gaming/eSports (Seed)SaaS (Series B)Analytics (Series A)Analytics (Seed)Data Services (Series A)Data Services (Seed)Cloud Infrastructure (Series B)SaaS (Series A)SaaS (Seed)Cloud Infrastructure (Seed)Cloud Infrastructure (Series A)IsraelAngel, Scout, and Solo-CapitalistsNew York City
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Covera Health
Series CNov 2023$25M
Co-investors: Lonne Jaffe (Insight Partners)
Series COct 2023$100M
Series BNov 2022$60M
Series BMar 2022$120M
Series AFeb 2022$100M
Co-investors: Douglas Leone (Sequoia Capital), Gili Raanan (Cyberstarts VC)
Series UnknownAug 2023$49M
Series DMar 2021$50M
Series DApr 2020$50M
Series UnknownJul 2023$33M
Series BSep 2019$40M
Co-investors: Henry Frankievich (Insight Partners)
SeedJul 2023$5M
Series DMay 2023$250M
Series CMar 2022$100M
Series DApr 2023$110M
Series BMay 2021$50M
Co-investors: Jonathan Rosenbaum (Insight Partners), Nick Beim (Venrock), Marty Bicknell (Flyover Capital), Omar Khatib (Declaration Partners), Adrian Kania (Adams Street Partners)
Series DFeb 2023$300M
Series COct 2021$250M
Series BMar 2021$130M
Series ADec 2020$100M
Co-investors: Shardul Shah (Index Ventures), Douglas Leone (Sequoia Capital), Hans Tung (GGV Capital), Gili Raanan (Cyberstarts VC), Nowi Kallen (Salesforce Ventures)