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Jens Eckstein

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SR One
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Decibel Therapeutics
Series CJun 2018$55M
Series AOct 2015$52M
Co-investors: Anthony Philippakis (GV)
Palleon Pharmaceuticals
Series AOct 2017$47.6M
Series BApr 2017$25M
Series AApr 2015$14M
Co-investors: Jordan Fliegel (Techstars)
Gladius Pharmaceuticals
Series AJun 2015CA$4.1M
Rapid Micro Biosystems
Series CApr 2015$25M
Venture RoundApr 2014$6M
Series BJun 2013$32.6M
Series AAug 2009$18.6M
Series DMar 2015$21M
Series COct 2012$35M
Alios BioPharma
Series BApr 2014$41M
Co-investors: Jack Nielsen (Vivo Capital), Carole Nuechterlein (Roche Venture Fund)
Sirtris Pharmaceuticals
Series BMar 2005$27M
Series ADec 2004$13M