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Josh Kopelman

Founder and Partner at First Round Capital and Founding Partner at First Close Partners, Pennsylvania
Photo of Josh Kopelman, Partner at First Round Capital

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First Round Capital Network
$1M - $3.0M
AI (Series A)Media/Content (Pre-seed)AI (Pre-seed)AI (Seed)AI (Pre-seed)Marketplaces (Series B)Enterprise (Series B)Media/Content (Series B)Consumer Internet (Series B)AI (Series B)Media/Content (Seed)AI (Series B)Media/Content (Series A)Enterprise (Series A)AI (Series A)Marketplaces (Series A)Media/Content (Pre-seed)Media/Content (Series B)Consumer Internet (Series A)Media/Content (Pre-seed)Media/Content (Seed)Consumer Internet (Pre-seed)AI (Seed)Marketplaces (Pre-seed)Enterprise (Pre-seed)Media/Content (Pre-seed)Enterprise (Series B)Consumer Internet (Pre-seed)Enterprise (Seed)Media/Content (Series A)Consumer Internet (Seed)Consumer Internet (Series B)AI (Series B)Marketplaces (Seed)Enterprise (Series A)AI (Series B)Marketplaces (Series B)Enterprise (Pre-seed)AI (Pre-seed)Marketplaces (Pre-seed)AI (Series A)Consumer Internet (Seed)Consumer Internet (Series A)AI (Series A)AI (Pre-seed)Media/Content (Series B)Media/Content (Series B)Media/Content (Seed)Enterprise (Seed)AI (Seed)Consumer Internet (Pre-seed)Enterprise (Pre-seed)AI (Seed)Marketplaces (Series A)Media/Content (Seed)Marketplaces (Seed)Media/Content (Series A)Consumer Internet (Pre-seed)Enterprise (Pre-seed)Media/Content (Series A)Marketplaces (Pre-seed)Marketplaces (Pre-seed)Marketplaces (Series B)Marketplaces (Series B)Consumer Internet (Series B)Consumer Internet (Series B)Marketplaces (Series A)Enterprise (Series B)Consumer Internet (Seed)Enterprise (Series B)Enterprise (Seed)Marketplaces (Series A)Consumer Internet (Series A)Enterprise (Series A)Consumer Internet (Seed)Consumer Internet (Series A)Enterprise (Seed)Marketplaces (Seed)Enterprise (Series A)Marketplaces (Seed)CanadaInvestors who were foundersInvestors who invested in female foundersInvestors who invested in diverse foundersAngel, Scout, and Solo-CapitalistsNew York CitySan Francisco Bay Area
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Pomelo Care
Series AJun 2023$33M
Eigen Therapeutics
SeedDec 2022$7M
Co-investors: Milad Alucozai (BoxOne Ventures), Kevin Mahaffey (SNR)
Merlin Labs
Series BJul 2022$110M
Series AMay 2021$25M
SeedJan 2018$4M
Co-investors: Ann Miura Ko (Floodgate), Andrew Wheeler (GV (Google Ventures)), Howard Morgan (B Capital Group), Benjamin Ling (Bling Capital), Jeff Schox (Trucks Venture Capital)
Boulder Care
Series BJun 2022$36M
Series AJan 2020$10M
Candid Health
Series AApr 2022$16M
Co-investors: John Redgrave (Redgrave Capital), Josef Feldman (Tectonic Capital), Jonathan Swanson
Canonic Security
SeedFeb 2022$6M
Series BJan 2022$50M
Series AJun 2021$20M
SeedJun 2020$7M
Co-investors: Michael Gilroy (Coatue), Tiffany Luck (GGV Capital), Stephen Chau (Sequoia Capital), Michael Vaughan (Vera Equity), Greg Bettinelli (TCG (The Chernin Group)), Adam Nash (Daffy), Gokul Rajaram, Tony Xu, Amit Agarwal, Jacqueline Reses, Jeffrey Wald
Mythic Therapeutics
Series BDec 2021$100M
Co-investors: Bryan Roberts (Venrock)
Josh invests in all industries.
Entrepreneur-in-Residence Comcast Interactive CapitalPresent
Founding Partner First Close Partners2020 - Present
Founder and Partner First Round Capital2004 - Present
Co-founder and Trustee Kopelman Foundation2001 - Present
Managing Director Midas Capital2005
President, -- an eBay Company eBay, Inc.2000 - 2003
Founder and President, Half.com1999 - 2000
Co-Founder and Executive Vice President Infonautics1991 - 1999
Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania Entrepreneurial Management and Marketing