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Josh Stein(30)

DFJ Partner

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DFJ Partner
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Series CMar 2019$44M
Series ADec 2016$8.7M
Seed RoundDec 2018$2M
Series BOct 2018$100M
Series AOct 2015$6M
Series AJun 2015$15M
Series BJan 2018$66M
Series BAug 2017$19M
Series CJul 2017$8M
Series BAug 2013$12.5M
Series AJan 2010$6.5M
Series BNov 2016$25M
Series AOct 2015$9.5M
Series ESep 2015$40M
Series DDec 2013$32M
Series CMar 2012$19.5M
Series BJun 2010$11M
Series CMay 2015$15.5M
Venture RoundMay 2014$3.1M
Series BApr 2012$9.5M
Series CApr 2014$54M
I'm looking for bold founders going after big, audacious ideas. I'm personally passionate about SaaS/cloud, especially business applications.
I'm not interested in anything related to adtech.