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Connected to Rob Ness (Asymmetry Ventures), Phil Nadel (Forefront Venture Partners).

Stanford University Network
$1K - $20K
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Seed RoundApr 2020$2M
Co-investors: Saeed Amidi (Plug & Play Ventures), Gary Little (Canvas Ventures), Ashu Garg (Foundation Capital), Dmitry Alimov (Frontier Ventures), Binh Tran (Ascend Vietnam Ventures), Eddie Thai (Ascend Vietnam Ventures), Luigi Bajetti (LombardStreet Ventures), Faizan Khan (Unchained Capital, Inc.), Anton Simunovic (Alumni Ventures Group), Andre De Baubigny (Modern Venture Partners), Sundeep Ahuja (Climate Capital), Igor Ryabenkiy (Altair Capital Management), Cyan Banister (Long Journey Ventures), Ivan Zolochevskii (Altaclub VC), Kelly Graziadei (F7 Ventures), Karen Page (B Capital Group), Ellen Ma (UpHonest Capital), Lorenzo Thione (Gaingels), Jeff Morris, Jr. (Chapter One Ventures), Jed Ng, Kintan Brahmbhatt, Mathieu Guerville, Clark Landry, Marty Weiss, Gokul Rajaram
SeedNov 2019$2.1M
Co-investors: Katie Haun (Haun Ventures), Dan Rose (Coatue), Fred Ehrsam (Paradigm), Avichal Garg (Electric Capital), Kevin Hartz (A* Capital), Kevin Durant (Thirty Five Ventures), Ashton Kutcher (Sound Ventures), Linda Xie (Scalar Capital), Justin Kan (Goat Capital), Bill Lee (Craft Ventures), Martin Tobias (Incisive Ventures), Andrew Vigneault (Flexcap), Cory Klippsten (Bitcoiner Ventures), Marc McCabe, Ryan Shea, Justin David Blau, Regan Bozman, Andrew Steinwold, Ben Silbermann, Dylan Field, Mathieu Guerville
SeedJan 2019
Co-investors: Phil Nadel (Forefront Venture Partners), Dan Forootan (Band of Angels), Kurt Bilafer
Businesses built around network effects such as digital marketplaces and firms that use AI/ML to build a data network effect.
Stanford University PhD Economics