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Ken Sawyer


https://saintscapital.comSan Francisco, California
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Saints Capital Investor
$250K - $10.0M
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Series CApr 2016$31M
Co-investors: Renee Compton Ryan (Johnson & Johnson Innovation), Jeani Delagardelle (New Leaf Venture Partners), Annette Bianchi (VantagePoint Capital Partners)
Seed RoundJan 2016$800K
Co-investors: Chad Nitschke
Series AApr 2015
Series FFeb 2015$50M
Co-investors: Randy Glein (DFJ), Anton Levy (General Atlantic), Dana Stalder (Matrix Partners)
Series HFeb 2015
Series HApr 2014
Debt FinancingJan 2014
Series EJul 2014$20M
Series DApr 2013$17.1M
Co-investors: Avery More (Menlo Ventures)
Debt FinancingOct 2010$20M
Series DJun 2010$8M
Debt FinancingDec 2009$1M
Venture RoundSep 2008$25M
Series AJun 2007$2.5M
Co-investors: Indranil Guha
We provide liquidity for founders and investors for their private shares in great companies -usually mature enough to have meaningful revenue traction
Pre-revenue companies or shares in companies where the investors and founders are not supportive of a secondary transaction