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Kevin Rutter

Tech Growth Investor
New York, New York
Photo of Kevin Rutter, Managing Partner at Rutter Family Investments

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Duke University Network
Rutter Family Investments Managing Partner
$50K - $500K
Payments (Series B)Web3/Crypto (Series B)Web3/Blockchain (Series B)Payments (Pre-seed)Payments (Series A)SMB Software (Pre-seed)SMB Software (Series B)Web3/Crypto (Pre-seed)Cloud Infrastructure (Pre-seed)Cloud Infrastructure (Series B)Payments (Seed)Marketplaces (Series B)Web3/Blockchain (Pre-seed)SMB Software (Series A)Web3/Crypto (Series A)Payments (Series B)Web3/Blockchain (Series A)Cloud Infrastructure (Series A)SMB Software (Seed)Cloud Infrastructure (Seed)Marketplaces (Pre-seed)AI (Series B)AI (Pre-seed)Web3/Crypto (Seed)Enterprise (Series B)Marketplaces (Series A)Web3/Blockchain (Seed)SaaS (Series B)Enterprise (Pre-seed)SaaS (Pre-seed)Payments (Pre-seed)SMB Software (Series B)Payments (Series A)AI (Series A)Marketplaces (Seed)FinTech (Pre-seed)FinTech (Series B)SMB Software (Pre-seed)Web3/Blockchain (Series B)AI (Seed)SaaS (Series A)Web3/Blockchain (Pre-seed)SaaS (Seed)Cloud Infrastructure (Pre-seed)Enterprise (Series A)SMB Software (Series A)Marketplaces (Series B)Payments (Seed)Cloud Infrastructure (Series B)Web3/Crypto (Pre-seed)Enterprise (Seed)FinTech (Series A)FinTech (Seed)Web3/Crypto (Series B)SMB Software (Seed)Marketplaces (Pre-seed)Cloud Infrastructure (Series A)Marketplaces (Series A)AI (Series B)AI (Pre-seed)SaaS (Series B)Enterprise (Pre-seed)Web3/Blockchain (Series A)Enterprise (Series B)Web3/Blockchain (Seed)Cloud Infrastructure (Seed)SaaS (Pre-seed)FinTech (Series B)Web3/Crypto (Series A)Marketplaces (Seed)FinTech (Pre-seed)Web3/Crypto (Seed)AI (Series A)SaaS (Series A)AI (Seed)SaaS (Seed)Enterprise (Series A)FinTech (Series A)Enterprise (Seed)FinTech (Seed)New York City
Enterprise, Software, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies
Duke University Economics