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Krisztina 'Z' Holly

FounderProduct OperatorInvestorVC
Operating Partner at Good Growth Capital Angeles, California
Photo of Krisztina 'Z' Holly, Investor at Good Growth Capital

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology Network
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Network
$100K - $2.0M
Medical Devices (Series A)Medical Devices (Seed)Manufacturing (Series A)Medical Devices (Pre-seed)Material Science (Seed)Manufacturing (Pre-seed)Material Science (Series A)Manufacturing (Seed)Material Science (Series A)Material Science (Pre-seed)Material Science (Series A)EnergyTech (Pre-seed)DeepTech (Series A)DeepTech (Pre-seed)Medical Devices (Pre-seed)DeepTech (Series A)Material Science (Seed)DeepTech (Seed)Medical Devices (Pre-seed)Manufacturing (Pre-seed)Material Science (Seed)Medical Devices (Pre-seed)Material Science (Pre-seed)Material Science (Pre-seed)DeepTech (Seed)EnergyTech (Seed)DeepTech (Pre-seed)Medical Devices (Series A)Material Science (Series A)Medical Devices (Series A)Space (Series A)Space (Series A)Manufacturing (Series A)Manufacturing (Pre-seed)Space (Pre-seed)Space (Pre-seed)Material Science (Pre-seed)EnergyTech (Pre-seed)EnergyTech (Seed)Space (Series A)EnergyTech (Series A)Space (Seed)Manufacturing (Seed)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Series A)Medical Devices (Series A)EnergyTech (Series A)Medical Devices (Seed)Space (Pre-seed)BioTech (Series A)BioTech (Pre-seed)Medical Devices (Seed)Material Science (Seed)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Pre-seed)Space (Seed)EnergyTech (Pre-seed)Manufacturing (Series A)Space (Seed)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Series A)EnergyTech (Pre-seed)Medical Devices (Seed)DeepTech (Series A)DeepTech (Pre-seed)BioTech (Pre-seed)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Pre-seed)DeepTech (Pre-seed)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Seed)DeepTech (Seed)DeepTech (Series A)Space (Pre-seed)Manufacturing (Seed)BioTech (Series A)BioTech (Seed)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Seed)Space (Series A)EnergyTech (Series A)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Pre-seed)Manufacturing (Pre-seed)Medical Devices (Pre-seed)EnergyTech (Seed)Space (Seed)DeepTech (Seed)Manufacturing (Series A)BioTech (Pre-seed)BioTech (Seed)Enterprise (Pre-seed)Material Science (Pre-seed)Material Science (Series A)Enterprise (Series A)AI (Series A)Enterprise (Pre-seed)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Pre-seed)Manufacturing (Pre-seed)AI (Pre-seed)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Series A)Manufacturing (Seed)AI (Series A)Material Science (Seed)AI (Pre-seed)EnergyTech (Series A)Enterprise (Series A)EnergyTech (Seed)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Series A)Space (Pre-seed)BioTech (Series A)AI (Seed)Enterprise (Seed)Medical Devices (Series A)DeepTech (Pre-seed)BioTech (Seed)BioTech (Pre-seed)Material Science (Pre-seed)AI (Seed)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Seed)Manufacturing (Series A)EnergyTech (Pre-seed)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Seed)Material Science (Series A)Enterprise (Seed)Medical Devices (Seed)Medical Devices (Pre-seed)Enterprise (Pre-seed)AI (Pre-seed)Manufacturing (Seed)Space (Series A)Material Science (Seed)DeepTech (Series A)AI (Series A)Space (Seed)Enterprise (Pre-seed)AI (Series A)AI (Pre-seed)EnergyTech (Series A)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Pre-seed)Space (Pre-seed)Manufacturing (Pre-seed)Enterprise (Series A)DeepTech (Seed)EnergyTech (Seed)AI (Seed)BioTech (Series A)BioTech (Pre-seed)Medical Devices (Series A)Enterprise (Series A)Manufacturing (Series A)AI (Seed)DeepTech (Pre-seed)Space (Series A)EnergyTech (Pre-seed)Enterprise (Seed)BioTech (Seed)Medical Devices (Seed)Enterprise (Seed)Manufacturing (Seed)DeepTech (Series A)Space (Seed)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Series A)DeepTech (Seed)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Seed)EnergyTech (Series A)BioTech (Pre-seed)BioTech (Series A)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Pre-seed)EnergyTech (Seed)AI (Pre-seed)Enterprise (Pre-seed)BioTech (Seed)ClimateTech/CleanTech (Series A)AI (Series A)BioTech (Series A)Raleigh-Durham / Southeast USFemale InvestorsClimateTech/CleanTech (Seed)Enterprise (Pre-seed)AI (Seed)AI (Pre-seed)MidwestBioTech (Seed)Enterprise (Series A)Enterprise (Seed)AI (Series A)Los Angeles / Southern CaliforniaBoston / New EnglandInvestors who were foundersAI (Seed)Enterprise (Series A)Investors who invested in female foundersInvestors who invested in diverse foundersEnterprise (Seed)San Francisco Bay Area
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
SeedOct 2020$1.3M
Co-investors: David Mendez (Good Growth Capital), Andy White (Keshif Ventures)
Radical Plastics
SeedAug 2020
Co-investors: Tom Medrek (Launchpad Venture Group)
Orbit Fab
SeedOct 2019$3.3M
Co-investors: Jake Gibson (Better Tomorrow Ventures), Jackson Moses (Afore Capital), Greg McAdoo (Bolt), Matt Kozlov (Techstars), Meagan Crawford (SpaceFund), Tarek Waked (Type One Ventures), Kingsley Advani (305 Ventures), Carmen Palafox (2045 ventures), Rayyan Islam (8090 Industries), Sung ho Choi, Dylan Taylor
Skyhawk Therapeutics
Series AJun 2018$40M
Complex science and technology startups with protectable IP and founders with unique approaches for solving the world's problems. I love to scout undiscovered innovators and opportunities at the intersections of disciplines. I'm based in Los Angeles with a soft spot for local deals, but will invest anywhere in the U.S.
Not interested in consumer-facing, marketplaces, internet, apps, business models where branding is the only differentiation, picking winners in crowded markets, anything without a strong IP position.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology M.S. Mechanical Engineering w/ product design and robotics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology B.S. Mechanical Engineering w/ optics