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Lauren DeLuca(451)

Managing Partner at Motivate Venture Capital
motivate.vcChicago, Illinois
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Connected to Satya Patel (Homebrew), Niko Bonatsos (General Catalyst), William Quist (Slow Ventures), and 12 other investors on Signal.

Northwestern University - Kellogg School of Management Network
University of Notre Dame Network
Motivate Ventures Managing Partner
$100K - $1M
Payments (Pre-seed)Real Estate/PropTech (Pre-seed)Consumer Health (Pre-seed)Logistics (Pre-seed)Payments (Seed)Consumer Health (Seed)Real Estate/PropTech (Seed)Logistics (Pre-seed)Developer Tools (Pre-seed)Logistics (Seed)Developer Tools (Seed)Payments (Pre-seed)Real Estate/PropTech (Pre-seed)Real Estate/PropTech (Pre-seed)Consumer Health (Pre-seed)Payments (Pre-seed)Developer Tools (Pre-seed)Developer Tools (Pre-seed)Payments (Seed)Logistics (Pre-seed)Payments (Seed)Logistics (Pre-seed)Real Estate/PropTech (Seed)FinTech (Seed)FinTech (Pre-seed)Consumer Health (Seed)Consumer Health (Pre-seed)Marketplaces (Pre-seed)Developer Tools (Seed)Logistics (Seed)Marketplaces (Seed)Payments (Pre-seed)Real Estate/PropTech (Seed)Logistics (Seed)Developer Tools (Pre-seed)Developer Tools (Seed)SaaS (Pre-seed)Real Estate/PropTech (Pre-seed)Consumer Health (Seed)Logistics (Seed)Logistics (Pre-seed)Marketplaces (Pre-seed)FinTech (Pre-seed)Marketplaces (Pre-seed)Consumer Health (Pre-seed)SaaS (Pre-seed)Payments (Seed)SaaS (Seed)SaaS (Pre-seed)Developer Tools (Seed)FinTech (Pre-seed)Payments (Pre-seed)Marketplaces (Seed)FinTech (Seed)Logistics (Pre-seed)Logistics (Seed)Marketplaces (Seed)Real Estate/PropTech (Seed)Developer Tools (Pre-seed)Payments (Pre-seed)Real Estate/PropTech (Pre-seed)Consumer Health (Seed)Consumer Health (Pre-seed)Payments (Seed)FinTech (Seed)SaaS (Seed)Real Estate/PropTech (Pre-seed)Marketplaces (Pre-seed)SaaS (Seed)Consumer Health (Pre-seed)FinTech (Pre-seed)Logistics (Seed)Developer Tools (Seed)Real Estate/PropTech (Seed)SaaS (Pre-seed)Developer Tools (Pre-seed)Payments (Seed)Marketplaces (Seed)Consumer Health (Seed)Marketplaces (Pre-seed)FinTech (Seed)Real Estate/PropTech (Seed)Payments (Pre-seed)SaaS (Pre-seed)Logistics (Pre-seed)SaaS (Seed)Consumer Health (Pre-seed)Marketplaces (Pre-seed)Consumer Health (Seed)Developer Tools (Pre-seed)Real Estate/PropTech (Pre-seed)Developer Tools (Seed)FinTech (Pre-seed)Marketplaces (Seed)British ColumbiaLogistics (Seed)FinTech (Pre-seed)Payments (Seed)SaaS (Pre-seed)SaaS (Seed)Developer Tools (Seed)FinTech (Seed)Consumer Health (Seed)Marketplaces (Pre-seed)Marketplaces (Seed)AustinReal Estate/PropTech (Seed)FinTech (Seed)SaaS (Pre-seed)FinTech (Pre-seed)SaaS (Seed)MidwestMarketplaces (Seed)Los Angeles / Southern CaliforniaSaaS (Seed)FinTech (Seed)New York CitySan Francisco Bay Area
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Pre Seed RoundJul 2021$1.4M
Co-investors: Yossi Hasson (2048 Ventures)
Venture RoundJun 2021$1.6M
Co-investors: Jack Greco
Pre-SeedMar 2020$1M
SeedMar 2020
Co-investors: Joe Kaiser (Mercato Partners)
Endpoint Security
Pre-SeedDec 2019
Dyania Health
SeedNov 2019
Co-investors: Matt Fates (Innospark Ventures), Petra Griffith (Wedbush Ventures), Amanda Joseph (American Family Ventures), Alex Rubalcava (Stage Venture Partners)
SeedNov 2019
Seed RoundOct 2019
Co-investors: Katherine Boyle (Andreessen Horowitz), Tripp Jones (Uncork Capital), David Wieland (IrishAngels), TJ Dembinski (Drive Capital), Stephanie Palmeri (NextView Ventures)
Convertible NoteNov 2019
Co-investors: Rizwan Virk (Griffin Gaming Partners), Jake Nechamkin (Muchmore Ventures), Nasir Jones (QueensBridge Venture Partners), Patrick Finnegan (Intuition Capital), Andrew Romans (7BC Venture Capital), Josh Richards (REMUS Capital), Gee Roberson, Kevin Hart, Griffin Johnson, Bryce Hall
We're proudly Generalist investors, but have a few things we're especially keen on (for now, anyway): All things FinTech (Investments, Insurance, Payments, Banking) General Health and Wellness (addiction and mental health, fitness, diet and gut health) Slow(er) moving industries who are coming to terms with the efficiencies of technology (broadly, Real Estate, Law, Insurance, Banking) "Dev Tools" for non-developers/No-Code solutions Consumerization of EdTech (bottoms-up sales process)
Consumer Goods, Med Device, Pharma, Food, CleanTech, and some Hardware (IOT sometimes, Chips/Semis never)
Northwestern University - Kellogg School of Management MBA General Management
University of Notre Dame BA Government