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Luni Libes


Serial entrepreneur turned investor, mentor, author...

lunarmobiscuit.comSeattle, Washington
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Carnegie Mellon University Network
University of Washington Network
$20K - $500K
Impact, especially poverty, hunger, and the environment. 80:20 emerging markets and US/Canada. I like startups that solve real problems. I'm a rare investor who likes tried-and-true businesses, where tech is added later after building a profitable core business. Show me innovation in business models to excite me.
If you start your pitch with "an app that" I'm not interested. If you are solving a "first world problem" I'm not interested. If after two sentences I can't tell what you do or why, you are going to get pitched one of my books, blog posts, or podcasts. Problem, customer, solution, typically in that order, ideally iterated 30 times until it flows.
CEO Africa Eats2020 - Present
Founder Nimble 1992 - 1996
Carnegie Mellon University BS Math & Computer Science
University of Washington MS Computer Science and Engineering
Bainbridge Graduate Institute EIR & Faculty Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship