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Mark Boggett


CEO & Managing Partner at Seraphim Capital

Photo of Mark Boggett, Managing Partner at Seraphim Capital

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Seraphim Capital Managing Partner
$1M - $25.0M
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
HawkEye 360
Series DNov 2021$150M
Co-investors: Andrew Padilla (Alumni Ventures Group), Matt Thoms (Baukunst), Mark Spoto (Razor's Edge Ventures), Steve Pann (Razor's Edge Ventures), Ludwig Schulze (Alumni Ventures Group), Dave DeWalt (AllegisCyber Capital)
Satellite Vu
Seed RoundApr 2021£3.6M
Co-investors: James Bruegger (Seraphim Capital), Ryan Clinton (Ridgeline Partners), Gregory Dewerpe (A/O PropTech)
Seed RoundMar 2021$2.3M
Co-investors: Raju Reddy (Inventus Capital Partners), Hemant Mohapatra (Lightspeed India Partners), John O'Brien (Strange Brew Ventures, LLC), Ryan Johnson
AST SpaceMobile
Venture RoundJan 2021
Co-investors: Jeff Crusey (Seraphim Capital)
Venture RoundNov 2020
Co-investors: Sebastian v. Ribbentrop (Join Capital), Jeff Crusey (Seraphim Capital)
Isotropic Systems
Series AOct 2020
Co-investors: James Bruegger (Seraphim Capital), Jeff Crusey (Seraphim Capital), Chad Anderson (Space Capital)
Altitude Angel
Series AJul 2020
Co-investors: Jeff Crusey (Seraphim Capital)
Seed RoundJul 2020
Co-investors: Jeff Crusey (Seraphim Capital)
Climate and sustainability