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Mark Stoner(72)


Building a biotech marketplace connecting founders, investors, clinicians, professional services, suppliers, and academia to help commercialize science.

drypowderbio.comSan Francisco, California
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Connected to Parikshit Sharma (IndieBio).

Managing Partner
$10K - $1M
Dry Powder Bio, Inc. is the operator of an online biotech marketplace ecosystem and community designed to help accelerate medical cures, collaboration, research, and investment. The company through its online platform offers a directory of over 15,000 companies, suppliers, and investors in biotech, life sciences, and healthcare start-ups. As we expand our platform, we will introduce digital smart contracts to monetize and trade future cash flow and IP rights from biotech assets.
We do not do early seed funding. Interested to meet non-US investors but only investing in US C Corporations, not outside the US. Less interested in funding any company that will need FDA approval but depends if a shorter approval time period. We are looking for companies with leading-edge research, cures, or improvements in enhancing or extending human life with a great management team.