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Mark Stoner(72)

VC Francisco, California
Photo of Mark Stoner, General Partner at Steel Wolf Ventures

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Connected to Parikshit Sharma (IndieBio).

Steel Wolf Ventures General Partner
$1M - $25.0M
Steel Wolf Ventures (SWV) is a hybrid business investment and equity funding model for cutting edge entities beyond family and friends financing capitalization needs, but not yet large enough for traditional institutional funding. The team focuses on investments in technology, Blockchain, biotech, precision medicine, AI in clinical trials and drug discovery, CBD/cannabis and real estate development. Our sweet spot are raises of $5 to $25 Million. We will look at opportunties from $1 to $5M.
We do not do early seed funding. Interested to meet non-US investors but only investing in US C Corporations not outside the US. We are looking for growth stage companies with leading edge technologies, cures or improvements in enhancing or extending human life with a great management team.