Marnix Groet(4)

Creative Thinking Ventures Managing Director

Photo of Marnix Groet, Managing Director at Creative Thinking Ventures
$10k - $100k
Micro-influencers taking more and more space and gaining in credibility with social media. With a focus on specific interests and true followers the digital advertising industry is being revolutionized. ... there is more to come in this space. We only invest in the preseed stage.
Anything that is beyond preseed does not interest us. We are specialized in the pre-seed arena and have specific expertise which helps us to transform our know-how into de-risk capability. Making it possible for us to make very high risk ventures manageable and to increase their chances of success.
CompanyDeal TypeAmountDate
GardenstuffPre-seed$0.1M (Lead)Mar 2018
WORLDZ www.worldz.netPre-seed$50KApr 2016
SharewoodAngel (Lead)Jul 2015
University of Warwick Master in Business Administration Business strategy

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