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Matt Mcilwain


Managing Director, Madrona Venture Group

Photo of Matt Mcilwain, Managing Director at Madrona Ventures

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Madrona Ventures Managing Director
$500K - $10.0M
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Series DMay 2022$130M
Series CJun 2019$56M
Series BAug 2017$20M
Series AJan 2016$9M
Seed RoundMay 2015$3.1M
Co-investors: Christian Lawless (Conversion Capital), Ugo Catry (TotalEnergies Ventures)
Series BMar 2022$73M
Co-investors: Vijay Pande (Andreessen Horowitz)
Read AI
Seed RoundSep 2021$10M
Co-investors: Bill Richter (Madrona Ventures), Oren Etzioni (Madrona Ventures), David Joerg (Two Sigma Ventures), Bobby Lo
A-Alpha Bio
Series ASep 2021$20M
Series DJul 2021$100M
Series CJul 2019$50M
Series BOct 2017$28M
Series AFeb 2016$9M
Co-investors: Joe Montana (Liquid 2 Ventures), John Curtius (Tiger Global Management), Somar Somasegar (Madrona Ventures), Lee Fixel (Addition), Tim Kopp (Hyde Park Venture Partners), Greg Gottesman (Pioneer Square Labs), Andy Liu (Unlock Venture Partners), Kevin Nazemi, Sujal Patel
Series AMay 2021$25M
Series AMay 2019$6.1M
Seed RoundMay 2019$6.1M
Ozette Technologies
Seed RoundFeb 2021$6M
Co-investors: Oren Etzioni (Madrona Ventures)
Seed RoundNov 2020$2.6M
Co-investors: Eric Bahn (Hustle Fund), Elizabeth Yin (Hustle Fund), Shiyan Koh (Hustle Fund), Matt Gibstein (Goodwater Capital), Pat Matthews (Active Capital), Jeff Morris, Jr. (Chapter One Ventures)