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Maximilian Niederhofer(545)


Partner at Heartcore Capital

heartcore.comAustin, Texas
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Connected to Jeff Clavier (Uncork Capital), Garry Tan (Y Combinator), Niko Bonatsos (General Catalyst), and 22 other investors on Signal.

$50K - $5.0M
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Series AAug 2022$14M
Co-investors: David Rosenberg
Series BMar 2022$47M
Series AMay 2019$12M
Seed RoundMar 2016$3M
Co-investors: Levin Bunz (Heartcore Capital), Chris Tottman (Notion Capital)
Front of the Pack
Series AJul 2021$10M
Co-investors: David Frankel (Founder Collective), Andrew Dudum (Cherubic Ventures), Steph Korey
Series DApr 2021$160M
Series CJul 2019€53M
Series COct 2018€38M
Series BApr 2018$21M
Series AJun 2016$7M
Co-investors: Joel Cutler (General Catalyst), Alex Finkelstein (Spark Capital), Antoine Nussenbaum (Felix Capital), Shmuel Chafets (Giza Polish Ventures), Sheel Tyle (Amplo), Yuri Milner (DST Global), Aryeh Mergi, Fritz Demopoulos
Series AMar 2021€24M
Co-investors: Darian Shirazi (Gradient Ventures), Dr. Christian Saller (HV Capital)
Seed RoundDec 2020$3M
Co-investors: Naval Ravikant (The Hit Forge), Josh Hannah (Matrix), Emmett Shear
Convertible NoteOct 2020€110M
Series EMay 2019$480M
Series DNov 2017$75M
Series CNov 2015$50M
Series AJan 2014$4.5M
Co-investors: Alex Finkelstein (Spark Capital), Itzik Parnafes (Battery Ventures), Luca Bocchio (Accel), Sean Seton-Rogers (Pro Founders Capital), Eric Zinterhofer (Equity Alliance), Bo Ilsoe (Nokia Growth Partners), Kees Koolen (Koolen and Partners), Dr. Christian Saller (HV Capital), Johannes Reck, Fritz Demopoulos
Series ANov 2018$15M
Co-investors: Fred Ehrsam (Paradigm), Dave Lu (Hyphen Capital), Matthew Kaness (Flexsteel Industries Inc.), Ben Mathews (Night Ventures), Daniel Gulati (Treble Capital), Jason Yeh (Patron), Scott Belsky, Charlie Songhurst
WE ONLY INVEST IN IN CONSUMER TECHNOLOGY. Fairly agnostic about the industry, we look for the very best founders to back. We are excited about helping you realize ideas that matter, rather than just making something that people want.
No "arbitrage" businesses - that means no simple ecommerce, no lead gen, nothing which lacks truly sustainable competitive advantage.
General Partner Sunstone Capital2013 - 2019