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Megan Morris(43)


San Francisco, California
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Prescribe Nutrition Partner
What has always interested me is conversations with people. I love knowing what makes people tick, what excites them, what bothers them, and talking those things out. We have incredible conversations happening on the community discussion boards on Prescribe Nutrition. With that comes insightful and valuable user data. We see user's top health concerns and desired solutions. The user data we have access to keeps me extraordinarily excited about the future of Prescribe Nutrition.
Becoming a food delivery service. While it's possible we could partner with a company who offers that, re-creating that model is not the future of Prescribe Nutrition. Other companies do that well enough as is, while no companies offer the service we do. People need to understand their own bodies and optimal nutrition in order to stick to a dietary protocol long term, and that's where Prescribe Nutrition comes in.