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Michael Mealling(107)

VCFormer CEO
Space VC
starbridgevc.comWashington, District of Columbia
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6 Investors

Connected to Esther Dyson, Manan Mehta (Unshackled Ventures), Sunil Nagaraj (Ubiquity Ventures), and 3 other investors on Signal.

Georgia Institute of Technology Network
$50K - $5.0M
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Space Forge
Seed RoundDec 2021$10M
Co-investors: Aaron Schildkrout (Addition), Abdo John Hajj (Type One Ventures), Meagan Crawford (SpaceFund), Daria Saharova (World Fund), Tarek Waked (Type One Ventures), Dylan Taylor
New Age Meats
Series ASep 2021
Co-investors: Arvind Gupta (Mayfield), Po Bronson (SOSV), Adam J. Plotkin (ff Venture Capital), Natanel Barookhian (TechU Angels), Kingsley Advani (305 Ventures), Ning Sung
Series AJun 2021$15M
Co-investors: Geoffrey Hulme (NCT Ventures), Will Mcclelland (Grace Beauty Capital), Luke Deasy (igniteXL Ventures), Sonny Vu (Alabaster), Thomas Tull, Michael Lynton, Brandon Shainfeld, Kevin Colas, Matt Golis
Orbital Sidekick
Series AApr 2021$16M
Co-investors: Matt Thoms (Baukunst)
Axiom Space
Series BJan 2021$130M
Series ADec 2019$7M
Seed RoundSep 2019$16M
Co-investors: William Guo (The Venture Collective (TVC)), Jesse Robbins (Heavybit), Fernando Pontaza (Invariantes Fund), Faris Lodin (Sterling Equity), Ashley Flucas (Flucas Ventures), Luigi Bajetti (LombardStreet Ventures), Dylan Taylor, Rob Meyerson, Sung ho Choi
SeedDec 2020$1M
Co-investors: Luigi Bajetti (LombardStreet Ventures), Irene Mingozzi (LombardStreet Ventures), Will Weisman (KittyHawk Ventures), Dylan Taylor
Carbice Corporation
Series ANov 2020$15M
Co-investors: Jim Adler (Toyota Ventures)
Umbra Labs
SeedNov 2019$1M
Co-investors: Josh Manchester (Champion Hill Labs), Jules Walker, Kurt Bilafer, Mathieu Guerville
Space and space-adjacent companies with either existing space markets or dual space/terrestrial markets within 24 months of first revenue. We invest when we see product/market fit.
We avoid the launch segment because it is saturated. We also avoid the spacecraft component markets because of low margins.
CFO/VP Biz Dev Masten Space Systems2004 - 2010
Georgia Institute of Technology MBA Business