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Michael Rapino


CEO and President

livenation.asiaLos Angeles, California
Photo of Michael Rapino, Angel

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$5K - $50K
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Seed RoundOct 2021$15M
Co-investors: Michael Lazerow (Lazerow Ventures), Guy Oseary (Sound Ventures), Marc Weinstein (Mechanism Capital), Marc Benioff
Series AJul 2021$13M
Co-investors: Yousuf Khan (Ridge Ventures (Formerly known as IDG Ventures USA)), Dan Teran (Gutter Capital), Aniq Kassam (FAST — by GETTYLAB), Eileen Burbidge (Passion Capital), Sheel Tyle (Amplo), Ott Kaukver, Harsh Sinha
SpringHill Entertainment
Venture RoundJun 2020$100M
Co-investors: Serena Williams (Serena Ventures)
Iris Nova
Seed RoundDec 2018$15M
Co-investors: Gary Vaynerchuk (Vayner RSE)
Angel RoundApr 2012
Co-investors: Justin Kan (Goat Capital), Alexis Ohanian (Seven Seven Six), Zachary Bogue (DCVC (Data Collective)), Matt Ocko (DCVC (Data Collective)), Ram Shriram (Sherpalo Ventures), Ashton Kutcher (Sound Ventures), Paul Buchheit (Y Combinator), Garry Tan (Y Combinator), Ronny Conway (A Capital), Justin Caldbeck (Binary Capital), Stewart Alsop (Alsop Louie Partners), Jonathan Abrams (8-Bit Capital), Michael Levit, Ronny Conway, Shervin Pishevar, Erik Moore, Shane Battier