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Investing Profile

Oliver Richards


Partner at MMC Ventures

Photo of Oliver Richards, Partner at MMC Ventures

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MMC Ventures Partner
$1M - $27.0M
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Series AFeb 2022$13M
Series AJun 2021$10M
Series CAug 2021$75M
Series BFeb 2021$21M
Series AApr 2020$15M
Series ASep 2017$5.5M
Co-investors: Steve Schlenker (DN Capital), Jonathan Wallace (Expert Dojo), Shukri Shammas (Initial Capital), David Gardner (London Venture Partners), Anil Hansjee (Fabric Ventures), Paul Heydon
Series BJul 2021$70M
Series AMay 2019£10M
Co-investors: Ron Stern (OurCrowd), Errol Damelin
Series BJun 2021$25M
Series BMay 2021$51M
Series AFeb 2020$8M
Seed RoundJan 2019$1M
Co-investors: Satya Patel (Homebrew), Remus Brett (LocalGlobe), Josh Bell (Dawn Capital), Promod Haque (Norwest Venture Partners), Zach Coelius (Coelius Capital), Brad Jones (Colle Capital), Tom Cole (CSC Venture Capital), James Cham (Bloomberg BETA), April Underwood (#ANGELS (Hashtag ANGELS)), Vishal Makhijani, Anshu Sharma, Anthony Soohoo, Don Hutchison, Andy Rankin, Marc McCabe
Series AJun 2021£7M
Seed RoundSep 2019£2M
Co-investors: Yann Ranchere (Anthemis Group)
Snowplow Analytics
Series AJan 2021$10M
Series ANov 2019£4M
Co-investors: Kevin Dillon (Atlantic Bridge)
Series CDec 2020£25M
Co-investors: Simon Menashy (MMC Ventures)
Venture Partner Blue Bear Capital2016 - Present