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Po Bronson


Managing Director @ IndieBio, General Partner @ SOSV

San Francisco, California
Photo of Po Bronson, General Partner at SOSV

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SOSV General Partner
$250K - $5.0M
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Venture RoundOct 2018
Co-investors: Arvind Gupta (Mayfield), Eric Anschutz
Seed RoundApr 2018
Co-investors: Rohit Sharma (True Ventures), Alireza Masrour (Plug & Play Ventures), Ian Rountree (Cantos Ventures)
Series ADec 2017$10M
Co-investors: Sarah Cone (Social Impact Capital)
Series AAug 2017$17M
Co-investors: Court Westcott (Westcott LLC), Alexandre Perrin (Cleverton Ventures), Amad Elia (Amad Capital Ventures), Karl Kerksiek, Richard Branson
Seed RoundFeb 2016$4.5M
Co-investors: Arvind Gupta (Mayfield), Seth Bannon (Fifty Years), Tom Baruch (M34 Capital), Lisa Feria (Stray Dog Capital), Brian Frank (FTW Ventures), Ela Madej (Fifty Years)
When everyone else says "too early," it's often just right for IndieBio. We like huge, daring things. We like risk, and just minimize the cost of risk.
We deploy 80% of our capital after the Accelerator stage -- but we only invest in companies that have been through an SOSV accelerator program at some point in time. So ... we don't come into companies at later rounds. We start Pre-Seed and continue investing through Series B or C.