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Royi Benyossef(464)


Investment Director at Samsung NEXT

samsungnext.comTel Aviv, Israel
Photo of Royi Benyossef, Investor at Samsung NEXT Ventures

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7 Investors

Connected to Gigi Levy-Weiss (NFX), David Cohen (Techstars), David Stark (Ground Up Ventures), and 4 other investors on Signal.

$100K - $1.5M
Early stage B2B oriented (pre-seed/first money in) software products and services startups with a real tech innovation in the worlds of AI, Blockchain, IoT or Cyber security that could potentially have future collab. with Samsung but do not need it to grow to maturity (as we can't promise anything since we're not connected to the GBM = semi-strategic)
We're not connected to Samsung GBMs so nothing that needs or is actively seeking a "partnership" with Samsung.
mobile developer YoolooPresent
Developer and community relation programs manager Samsung Next2015 - Present
Android Expert Google Developer Experts program2012 - Present
Android group leader Vidmind2014 - 2015
STB Client team leader VidMind2013 - 2014
CEO Israeli Android Association2011 - 2013
Android technological leader VidMind2011 - 2013
Android group leader Cantina TLV2010 - 2013
Iphone developer Linnovate LTD2010 - 2011
Android developer Linnovate LTD2010 - 2011
Push-technology cross platform developer Linnovate LTD2010 - 2011
Drupal developer Linnovate LTD2010 - 2011
Junior programmer Codefidence ltd.2009 - 2010
first sargent The armored corps of the IDF2002 - 2005