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Scott Petty


Co-Founder, General Partner at Signal Peak Ventures Lake City, Utah
Photo of Scott Petty, General Partner at Signal Peak Ventures

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Signal Peak Ventures General Partner
$3.0M - $7.0M
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Seed RoundAug 2021$10M
Co-investors: Roger Chen (Silverton Partners), Andrew Busey (Capital Factory), Justin Siegel (Capital Factory)
Fetch Package
Series CJul 2021$50M
Series BAug 2020$18M
Series ASep 2019$11M
Co-investors: Kip McClanahan (Silverton Partners), Roger Chen (Silverton Partners), Steve Schaffer (NextGen Venture Partners), Rob Hennefer (Frame VC), Stephen Hays (What If Ventures), Chris Sundberg, Robert Brevelle
Big Squid
Series AAug 2017$6M
Co-investors: Dalton Wright (Kickstart Fund)
Series BFeb 2017$12M
Series AFeb 2016$6M
Co-investors: Phil Williams (Signal Peak Ventures), Ben Capell (Peterson Ventures), Gavin Christensen (Kickstart Fund)
Venture RoundFeb 2011$15M
Co-investors: Steve Vassallo (Foundation Capital), Adam Grosser (UP.Partners), Andy Sessions