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Steve Schlenker(9)

Photo of Steve Schlenker, Managing Partner at DN Capital

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Connected to Pete Flint (NFX), Niko Bonatsos (General Catalyst).

DN Capital Managing Partner
$1M - $22.0M
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Series AOct 2021$30M
Seed RoundJan 2021$9M
Pre Seed RoundSep 2019
Co-investors: Ron Conway (SV Angel), Ronald Conway Sr. (SV Angel), Josh Breinlinger (Turtle Ventures), Sheel Tyle (Amplo), Klaus Hommels (Lakestar), Ash Rust, Oliver Jung
Series FJul 2020$85M
Series EJul 2019$135M
Series DOct 2017$115M
Series CApr 2016$38.5M
Series BMar 2015$12.5M
Co-investors: Kai Schmitz (Amadeus Capital Partners), William (Bill) Bryant (Threshold Ventures), Chris DeVore (Founders' Co-op)
Venture RoundOct 2018$11M
Co-investors: Patrick Walsh (National Grid Partners), Jon Nordmark
Series BAug 2018$20M
Series AMar 2017$8.6M
Series AOct 2015$15M
Co-investors: Raj Sandhu (Great Oaks Venture Capital), Rajeev Madhavan (Clear Ventures), Gopi Rangan (Sure), Fred van den Bosch
AUTO1 Group
Series FJan 2018€460M
Series DApr 2015$117.6M
Series AJun 2013
Co-investors: Imran Akram (AXA Strategic Ventures), Andrin Bachmann (Piton Capital)
Futureplay Games
Venture RoundAug 2016$2.5M
Co-investors: Henric Suuronen (Play Ventures), Nikolaj Nyholm (Sunstone Capital), Juha Paananen
Series CJun 2016$15.4M
Series BSep 2014$10M
Venture RoundJan 2012
Co-investors: Ian Sigalow (Greycroft), Tom Bradley (Hambro Perks)
Series AJul 2015$4M
Series AOct 2014$5M