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Steve Schlenker(12)

Photo of Steve Schlenker, Managing Partner at DN Capital

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Connected to Pete Flint (NFX), Niko Bonatsos (General Catalyst).

DN Capital Managing Partner
$1M - $22.0M
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Series AOct 2021$30M
Seed RoundJan 2021$9M
Pre Seed RoundSep 2019
Co-investors: Ron Conway (SV Angel), Ronald Conway Sr. (SV Angel), Sheel Tyle (Amplo), Josh Breinlinger (Turtle Ventures), Klaus Hommels (Lakestar), Frederico Greve (DGF Investimentos), Andrew Felbinger (Urban Innovation Fund), Mariana Foresti (Honey Island Capital), Mario DeLara (Caravela Capital), Ramy Adeeb (1984 Ventures), Daniel Krauss, Ash Rust, Federico Pomi, Ed Baker, Oliver Jung
Series FJul 2020$85M
Series EJul 2019$140M
Series DOct 2017$120M
Series CApr 2016$39M
Series BMar 2015$13M
Co-investors: William (Bill) Bryant (Threshold Ventures), Ben Patterson (Elementum Ventures), Chris DeVore (Founders' Co-op), Andy Sack (Founders Co-op), Kai Schmitz (Amadeus Capital Partners)
Venture RoundOct 2018$11M
Co-investors: Patrick Walsh (National Grid Partners), Jon Nordmark (Angel)
Series BAug 2018$20M
Series AMar 2017$8.6M
Series AOct 2015$15M
Co-investors: Raj Sandhu (Great Oaks Venture Capital), Rajeev Madhavan (Clear Ventures), Gopi Rangan (Sure), Fred van den Bosch
AUTO1 Group
Series FJan 2018€460M
Series DApr 2015$120M
Series AJun 2013
Co-investors: Filip Dames (Cherry Ventures), Andrin Bachmann (Piton Capital), Tom Stafford (DST Global), Shmuel Chafets (Giza Polish Ventures), Imran Akram (AXA Strategic Ventures)
Futureplay Games
Venture RoundAug 2016$2.5M
Co-investors: Henric Suuronen (Play Ventures), Juha Paananen, Nikolaj Nyholm
Series CJun 2016$15M
Series BSep 2014$10M
Venture RoundJan 2012
Co-investors: Ian Sigalow (Greycroft), Tom Bradley (Hambro Perks)
Series AJul 2015$4M
Series AOct 2014$5M